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Greenland is the heart of the North Pole. Thought of as one of the coldest places on Earth, the island is home to the Greenlandic Inuit, who thrive in their homeland, having preserved their language throughout the years of Danish colonization. Greenland has pushed back against the Danes’ repressive language policies after being granted home rule, including by making Greenlandic the only official language and the primary language of education. With increasing sentiment for Greenlandic independence, the importance of Greenlandic on the island will only increase.

With Greenlandic widely spoken in Greenland and used in all aspects of life, it’s undoubtedly the best way to reach the Greenlandic people. Businesses relocating to the island must use it to properly communicate with locals, and Greenlandic speakers enjoy consuming literature and media in their native language. On the other hand, Greenlanders need English when they go abroad or go international with their business. Cue ProofreadingServices.com, your one-stop shop for professional Greenlandic translation services in both directions.

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Leave Greenlandic Translation to the Pros

Greenlandic is nothing like English—not even the word order is the same, since Greenlandic puts the verb at the end of a sentence. Greenlandic words are famous for their length, and that’s because Greenlandic is a polysynthetic language that adds numerous grammatical suffixes to words. With more than 300 inflectional suffixes and between 400 and 500 derivational suffixes, any number of words are possible in Greenlandic.

Greenlandic is also an ergative language, which means the verb in a transitive sentence agrees with the object, not the subject, like in English. This distinction is lost in the plural, however. Among Greenlandic’s eight cases is also the rare equative case, equivalent to English’s “as … as a ….” Verbs are marked for both subject and object as well as mood and can be combined with any number of derivational suffixes to expand the meaning. These suffixes can express various meanings, including “almost,” “after all,” and “to be tired of.” Derivational suffixes can also mark time references, even though Greenlandic lacks conventional tense.

Greenlandic is not an easy language, and it’s tricky to translate. That’s why it’s so crucial to hire professional Greenlandic translators, like the ones on our team.

Who Does Greenlandic Translation Benefit?

We’re proud to offer our Greenlandic translation services to clients around the world. Here are a few of the translation domains we work in:

  • Business translation. Businesses in Greenland need to use Greenlandic if they want to reach the local population effectively and earn respect on the island. So, whether it’s an employment contract or a press release, if you’re communicating with Greenlanders, you should use Greenlandic. Our Greenlandic translators are passionate and eager to help. Native Greenlandic businesses can also benefit from our Greenlandic-to-English translation service to help them branch off the Arctic island.
  • Digital translation. Whether it’s a retail website, an informative blog, a practical mobile app, or an immersive video game, Greenlanders want to experience the digital world in their native language. Unfortunately, this often isn’t possible. But with our skilled Greenlandic translation team, you can dive into this largely untapped niche, bringing high-quality digital content to Greenland and reaping the loyalty that comes with it.
  • Literary translation. Greenlandic writers weave unique tales in the Greenlandic language, and the people of Greenland can’t get enough—but the reach of Greenlandic authors is limited if they don’t translate their books. Our Greenlandic translation team is here to help authors translate into English and wow the world with their prose. The opposite direction works too—localize your story for the island of Greenland, and the inhabitants will reward your investment in their language with loyalty.

Whether you want to reach people in Nuuk or Ilulissat, or whether you live in Sisimiut, Qaqortoq, or even Copenhagen, our Greenlandic translators are here to help you bridge the language gap. We recognize the importance of the Greenlandic language and are passionate about helping businesses, authors, content creators, and others localize into or expand out of Greenland. We work on your schedule—just tell us your deadline, and we’ll deliver your translation by then.

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