How to Answer the 8 Most Common Group Interview Questions

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So you hired a seasoned professional resume writer to compose an exceptional resume for you, and you’ve landed an interview for your dream position. You’ve been through job interviews before, so you just need to review the most common questions and reflect on your answers a bit, right?

Well, this time it’s trickier. This time it’s a group interview. Group interviews are different from regular interviews, and you may face different interview questions. Group interviews come in two main forms: multiple interviewers interviewing one candidate (panel interview) and one interviewer interviewing multiple candidates (group interview). Before you face this new challenge, try to find out which type you’re being confronted with.

Concerned about which group interview questions may arise? We’ve compiled a list to keep you ahead of the game.


The goal of any job interview is to make yourself stand out from the other candidates, but if you’re being interviewed in a group with them, this is especially the case. There’s no one structure for group interviews, and some may include teamwork exercises, while others may be group interviews simply for the company’s convenience.

Below are examples of general group interview questions.

1. Why would you like this job?

When answering this group interview question, be honest, but not too honest. “I need the money” or “I need a job” aren’t appropriate answers. Find something valuable or meaningful about the work itself and describe how it can help fuel your personal growth or help you achieve your ambitions. If other candidates answer first, you may be able to draw some inspiration from their answers.

2. Do your goals align with the company’s objectives?

This group interview question can be tricky if your long-term goals have nothing to do with this position. If so, you shouldn’t say that. Chances are that this position could help propel you toward your dream job in some way, so emphasize the personal growth you can gain from employment with this company. Do your research beforehand to know what the company stands for and make it clear that you understand their values.

3. What makes you the right candidate for this position?

This is one job interview question that can actually be beneficial as a group interview question. If you answer after most of the other candidates, you’ll have heard all their responses and will be able to formulate a response that distinguishes you specifically from the competition. Pull out all the stops to sell yourself. Any relevant information is appropriate.

Now let’s say your interviewer throws a group exercise at you. Here are some group interview questions you can expect after the work-simulation task.

4. How did you help your teammates?

You can’t lie, because all the other candidates know exactly what you did, so to answer this group interview question appropriately, make sure to contribute sufficiently to the team effort. Whether you were the leader, the organizer, the presenter, or anything else doesn’t matter too much. What’s important is that you were able to cooperate well with the others and make a real contribution to the team.

5. What problems arose during the task? How did you address these difficulties?

This group interview question gives you an opportunity to show the interviewer your knack for self-reflection. You were working with a team of strangers on a task you presumably don’t know that much about, so struggles are almost inevitable. Don’t say there were none. If you can clearly articulate what problems you encountered and what you could have done differently, it shows the interviewer you can learn from your mistakes and strive for self-improvement. If you can’t think of any outright problems, at least describe some aspect of your performance you could have improved.

6. How did you deal with the stress of meeting the deadline?

Stress is likely to be elevated during the task because your performance could cost you the job. This group interview question is meant to gauge your performance under pressure. During the task, concentrate on being calm and controlled. This way, whether you took charge as the leader or remained open to changes, you can show the interviewer you respond to stress professionally.


Panel interviews will more or less include all the same questions as a regular interview, but when these questions are in the form of group interview questions, you have to impress numerous interviewers with your answers.

7. Tell us about yourself.

This is a classic job interview question, group interview or not. It’s not an invitation to spill your life story—keep all the details professional and relevant to the position. Make sure to emphasize how your education and work background fit the company’s needs and make you the ideal candidate.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is another classic interview question, and it manifests as a group interview question as well. Give a careful, well-thought-out answer that’s ambitious but not too ambitious. It has to be realistic, but you want to let the company see your strong work ethic and dedication to improvement. It’s essential that your answer line up with the company’s needs, though. Why would they hire you otherwise?

Group interviews aren’t what most people are used to, so they can be intimidating, especially if you’re being interviewed with other candidates. However, they’re not as bad as they sound, and if you play your cards right, following our advice, you can use the unique setting to shine even brighter. You may also find it helpful to practice with a mock interview session beforehand.

Still wishing you could land any interview, group or otherwise? Maybe your resume needs some polishing to better showcase your skills. Hiring a professional resume writer to tighten up your resume is absolutely worth the investment.

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