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Important: “Chicago style” editing refers to editing based on the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). Although we do edit frequently for residents of Chicago, Illinois, this page is about proofreading and editing according to the CMOS.

Are you hoping to find an eagle-eyed editor for your fiction or nonfiction book?

You’ve come to the right place. As an author, you’ve probably learned that style guides are fundamental to clear communication and quality publishing and that adhering closely to the proper style can make or break your credibility. is the supremely practical and expedient remedy for authors whose heads spin as they attempt to conform their manuscripts to the over 1,000 pages of the Chicago Manual of Style. We provide superior online Chicago style editing and proofreading for fiction or nonfiction manuscripts, supporting authors like you in their quest for excellent writing.

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How can our editing services benefit you?

As the premier online English editing and proofreading provider for Chicago style fiction or nonfiction books, we know that preparing a book for publication is a large task, and quality proofreading and editing can play a significant role in how well your work is received. We have no doubt that we can enhance your manuscript, just as we have for a long list of authors that includes these three (names have been altered for anonymity):

  • Emily, a Detroit author who self-published a fantasy novel on Amazon
  • Yaser, a Saudi graduate student who wrote a book about art in Riyadh
  • Manuel, a writer from San Antonio who published a book about Texas in the early twentieth century

Upload your manuscript and rest. Leave the editing, proofreading, and formatting in our capable hands.

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We navigate the many particulars of Chicago style every day, so you can be confident that our experienced proofreaders and editors will handle your manuscript as securely and conscientiously as if it were their own. Every one of them is a native English-speaking American, Brit, Kiwi, Australian, or Canadian who has been writing, editing, and proofreading professionally for years. Just one in 300 applicants becomes part of our team (the exceptional few who pass our challenging editing tests), and we keep current on our style guides, including the latest edition of the CMOS.

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What more can we say? We’re the top Chicago Manual of Style proofreading option for fiction or nonfiction manuscripts. With our help, eloquent writing that reaches your audience without ambiguity or distraction, and is finished by your deadline, is attainable. But our expertise isn’t limited to Chicago style. Research articles, business proposals, graduate school application essays, resumes, and marketing material are just a few examples of other documents we regularly edit and proofread.

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