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Does your news article, blog post, or press release need detailed AP editing?

Online editing through is a simple way for writers to get top-quality AP style editing, ensuring that their readers see their best work. The clarity of your writing and the consistency of your formatting are a reflection of your organization’s abilities, and adhering to an official style guide is a great way to enhance your credibility among your readers and produce refined writing. Whether your needs are academic, professional, or literary in nature, our expertise across a multitude of style guides allows us to thoroughly and accurately review resumes, proofread marketing plans, and quickly copy edit articles.

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Will the services we offer meet your AP style editing needs? Absolutely.

While we know that our exceptional online English editors and proofreaders can help you polish your writing, you may still be wondering if we can help you with your specific project. We have a vast amount of experience with editing according to AP style, and we have helped writers with a wide variety of projects, including the following (names changed for anonymity):

  • Peter from a San Francisco tech company with the release notes for an open-source software project
  • Erin from a sports nutrition association in Houston with a newsletter for her organization
  • James from a printing and production company in Nashville with his website’s “About Us” section

Just send your document our way and then take a deep breath. We’ll review your file for grammar and word choice and format it in your preferred style, and we can do so quickly (e.g., 3 hours).

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What can you expect from our editors?

Only one out of every 300 English proofreaders who apply to our team is hired, and all who are hired have extensive training in professional writing, editing, and proofreading as well as native English language skills. They reside in the US, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Our skilled team members are all up to date on the current Associated Press style guidelines and have demonstrated their advanced editing abilities on a series of grueling tests.

Thus, whether you write for a blog, a marketing department, a public relations firm, or another type of organization, we are the best option for AP style editing. Our experienced editors and proofreaders will return your documents quickly after thoroughly editing them to ensure clear, effective communication.

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Need to see a sample first?

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