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Have you written a medical article that requires thorough proofreading before submission to a journal?

At, the best, easiest source for professional English proofreading and editing on the Internet, we offer American Medical Association (AMA) style editing services for journal articles to help medical writers ensure that their writing is top notch. Our expert proofreaders will, in addition to eradicating grammatical errors and eliminating ambiguity, guarantee close adherence to AMA style. We’ll help to protect your reputation in the medical field, as we’ve already done for prominent Harvard Medical School professors.

Note: Although AMA style usually refers to the American Medical Association, people sometimes confuse it with American Management Association (AMA) style. We’re focusing on the former in this text, but we offer editing services in both.

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What can our editing services do for you?

We endeavor to improve any document entrusted to us, and medical journal articles are no exception. We’ll work hard to make sure your manuscript clearly reflects your ideas, allowing them to shine. The following writers (names changed for anonymity) can already attest to our AMA proofreading skills:

  • Dr. Harrison, from a top research hospital in San Francisco, California, with a journal article on artificial joint technology
  • Dr. Weber, from a leading IVF center in Hamburg, Germany, with a journal article on preimplantation genetic diagnosis
  • Dr. Huang, from a prominent research university in Edmonton, Canada, with a research paper on how chronic stress affects wound healing

With your document in our hands, you won’t have to worry about grammatical errors, clarity issues, or incorrect formatting.

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Meet our team.

We’re expert American, British, Australian, Irish, and Canadian proofreaders and editors with vast experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. In addition to our unrivaled grasp of grammar rules, our native English-speaker intuition can help us polish documents from non-native English writers. We know we’re good because we’ve all rigorously undergone extensive editing and proofreading assessments and are up to date on the latest AMA style guide changes. Since only one out of every 300 English proofreading applicants meets our standards, we can confidently say that we’re superb editors.

This makes us the top choice for AMA proofreading for medical journal articles. Not only will we elevate the quality of your writing while meticulously following AMA guidelines, but we also guarantee delivery of your document before your deadline.

Let us help you with your American Medical Association–style paper today.

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Want to see for yourself what we can do for you?

We understand that you want to ensure that you’re making the best choice for your manuscript: That’s why we offer free samples. Just let us know that you’d like AMA editing, and allow us to show you how good we are.

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