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Are you writing a thesis, a business proposal, or a novel? What about a university application personal statement, website copy, or a collection of poetry? No matter what you’re composing, you deserve to have it checked over by top-notch professional proofreaders. That’s why we at ProofreadingServices.com are here. Any writer in Hanoi is invited to take advantage of our editors’ expertise in editing, proofreading, and writing, no matter what kind of document they’re working with. From the pillars of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to the hustle and bustle of Dong Xuan Market, our proofreading experts are here to serve Hanoi writers, whether they require an extensive edit of their first draft or a quick review to check for typos before publication. No matter what your editing needs, you can count on our proofreading professionals.

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Who can our editors help in Hanoi?

Students, professors, business owners, professionals, novelists, poets—you name it! Our editors are ready to help any writers in Hanoi looking for the best in English proofreading services. Our editors come from all over the English-speaking world and boast expertise in a wide range of fields and disciplines, meaning they can accommodate just about anyone’s proofreading needs. Technical jargon is no object—our expert editors can navigate just about any document.

  • Students and faculty at Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology produce revolutionary new ideas that deserve to be heard loud and clear. Our academic editors can help you with broadcasting your ideas: we make sure you express yourself clearly and effectively in grammatically correct English, regardless of the discipline. 
  • In a bustling city like Hanoi, it’s paramount for a business to employ clear, effective writing in its ads and business correspondence. If you want to attract tourists, clear and grammatically correct English signage is crucial, so whether you’re in Old Quarter or Tay Ho, our business editors will help you touch up any English business writing you have.
  • English is pretty different from Vietnamese, which makes it a difficult language for most native Vietnamese speakers to master. But don’t worry—with the help of our expert editors, you can write like a native English speaker. Even if your English isn’t that great, our proofreaders would be thrilled to help you express yourself effectively in English.
  • If you need anything else proofread, don’t hesitate to send your document to our team! We can proofread emails, letters, blog posts, and anything else you might need. Our editors are here to help. 

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We carefully vet all proofreading candidates.

Many editors apply to join our team, but most of them don’t meet our high standards. To make it onto our team, you have to be a native English speaker with vast experience in editing, proofreading, and writing. Most of our editors also possess knowledge in additional fields, qualifying them to edit technical papers on various subjects. The real test, though, is the series of challenging proofreading assessments all editing candidates are required to take. This narrows down the applicant pool to just the top 0.3%, who are skilled enough to join our editing team.

How many people live in Hanoi? Around 8,054,000—which makes for an astoundingly high number of professors, entrepreneurs, authors, and other writers looking for the best English proofreading service they can find. Our editors are ready: no matter what your document is, we want to help you. Our guarantee is high-quality, accurate proofreading rendered in time for your deadline, even if it’s only a few hours away.

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You don’t have to blindly believe us—check out our editors’ skills for yourself! All new clients are entitled to a free editing sample of up to 300 words. This allows you to judge our proofreading prowess for yourself and determine whether you want to continue with a paid order—but we’re confident you will want to.

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