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Whether you’re writing for an academic journal, an advertisement campaign, a fiction novel publisher, or any other purpose, it’s paramount to employ clear, concise, effective writing. The problem is that that can be difficult, even for highly skilled writers, especially without the assistance of a professional proofreader. But if you live in Freiburg, Germany, don’t worry—we at are here to help. We can edit your research article on psychological interventions, your corporate blog posts for your cryptocurrency startup, or your manuscript for a murder-mystery novel. So, just send your document to our professional proofreaders, stop worrying, and go out and enjoy the wonders of Freiburg, such as Europa-Park or Freiburger Münster. Our expert editors have the experience and expertise necessary to help you succeed in your endeavors, and we customize our editing services to best meet your requirements. 

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Are we the right editing team for your project?

We’re confident that our editing experts can help you, no matter who you are or what your document is. We’re proud to hire a diverse team of professional editors with a wide range of skills and expertise, so whether your writing is academic, professional, literary, or personal in nature, our proofreaders can elevate the level. Our editors also possess knowledge in additional fields, from economics to biology, so even if your writing contains technical terms, don’t worry. Our editing team can handle it expertly.

  • Unclear writing in a journal article or dissertation can cloud your entire theory, and careless typos or grammatical errors can damage your reputation as a scholar. It’s worth it to invest in high-quality academic editing, whether you study at the University of Freiburg, the University of Education Freiburg, or the Protestant University of Freiburg. Our academic proofreaders keep up to date on changes in the major academic style guides, so you can rest assured we’re always prepared to help.
  • Freiburg is a vibrant city, from the environmentalist haven of Vauban to the historical beauty of Altstadt, and no matter where you go in Freiburg, you can find flourishing businesses. The secret is clear, effective, professionally proofread writing—and we can offer that. All Freiburg businesses are welcome to take advantage of our business editing expertise.
  • The majority of people who live in Freiburg speak German as a native language, although the city features speakers of languages from all over the world. No matter what language you speak, our proofreaders are dedicated to helping you express yourself clearly and effectively in English, the de facto universal language. 
  • We’re here to help you with English writing, no matter what it is. If you need an important email proofread or some memos edited, just let our editing team know! 

The first step is writing your text. The second step is having our editors professionally proofread it.

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We bring you the top 0.3% of editing talent.

Here at, we have specially developed editing tests designed to strictly vet proofreading candidates. The tests are excruciatingly difficult—only one in every 300 applicants can pass. That means when you order proofreading services from us, you’re working with the top 0.3% of the editing world. Our proofreaders have all grown up immersed in American, British, Canadian, Australian, Irish, or Kiwi English (or English variants in other Anglophone countries), so they have an innate grip on the intricacies of the language, and they’ve honed their skills over years of experience editing, proofreading, and writing. In short, we’re seasoned experts at the top of the editing industry.

All this means that the 229,000 or so scholars, business leaders, authors, and others in Freiburg are fortunate—the best English proofreading service on the Internet is here to serve them. Our proofreaders work with you to help you meet your requirements, no matter what they are, helping you find the right words to express yourself. We work according to your deadline, delivering your professionally edited document on time, even if your deadline is looming.

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Hesitant? That’s okay. We want you to be as confident as we are in our proofreaders’ skills. That’s why we’re happy to provide a free proofreading sample. Just request one at the link below—we’ll have it back in under 24 hours! 

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