Here Are the Best Editors and Proofreaders in Vermont

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Here’s how to achieve writing excellence in Vermont.

Whether you’re writing a PhD thesis, white paper, or romance novel, writing isn’t easy. Here at, our team of seasoned professional editors and proofreaders know that better than anyone. With years of experience editing, proofreading, and writing, they’ve perfected the craft and have learned how to expertly improve any piece of writing, whether from an experienced professional writer or a budding beginner. Our editors can help writers all across Vermont, from the pillars of the Vermont State House to the circular walls of Shelburne Museum, so no matter your field or discipline, you can count on our expert editors to shape up your document. Our proofreaders provide light grammar checks, deep structural edits, and everything in between, so just specify your unique needs, and our editors will accommodate them.

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Our editors can edit anything for Vermont writers.

If you’re in Vermont and your document is in English, our expert proofreaders can edit it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professor, business leader, author, or any other type of writer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using academic, scientific, or casual English. It doesn’t matter whether your text deals with technological, medical, or general subject matter. In all cases, we have a highly diverse proofreading team with the necessary experience and expertise to accommodate anyone’s editing needs.

  • From the University of Vermont, to Norwich University, to Middlebury College, we’re impressed by all the high-prestige universities in Vermont, and we’d be honored to help their students and faculty achieve better writing quality. Whether you study chemistry, political science, or economics, our academic proofreaders can help you forge new frontiers of knowledge through clear, effective writing. 
  • Whether you’re in Burlington, South Burlington, or anywhere else in Vermont, our business editors are eager to help your business thrive with effective business writing. Our editors can help you with internal communications, business proposals, scripts for commercials, and more—if you need help with any business document, we’re your go-to proofreading team.
  • In Vermont, sizeable portions of the population speak a non-English language, such as French, Spanish, or German, at home. If you find it difficult to express yourself effectively in English, we’re here to help. Sound like a native speaker in all your documents with the help of our proofreading team!
  • Our editors would love to help you with any document you’d like to have checked for errors, whether it’s an email, memo, or blog post. Our scope is wide-reaching and extends to any type of English-language document in Vermont.

The hard part is the writing. The easy part is ordering our professional editing services.

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Our proofreaders are passionate experts who’ve proven their expertise.

Tons of proofreaders want to join our editing team, but unfortunately for them, our standards are sky-high. Only those who can pass the set of rigorous editing assessments we’ve designed are invited to work for us, and hardly any are good enough for us—the pass rate is a mere 0.3%. That ensures we invite only the best editors in the industry onto our team. Having grown up immersed in English in various Anglophone countries, our proofreaders know the ins and outs of the English language, and they’ve perfected their knowledge of writing through years of work as editors, proofreaders, and writers. 

We’re proud to serve the 626,299 authors, CEOs, researchers, and others who live in Vermont. Our editors work hard to make sure everyone’s writing is top-quality, whether their document is academic, professional, literary, or personal in nature. We work on your schedule, available 24/7 with numerous turnaround options to make sure you can meet even your most urgent deadlines. 

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There’s no reason to order our editing services blindly—we offer free proofreading samples so you understand exactly what you’re getting. Our proofreading team returns free samples within just 24 hours, so if you have a day to spare, request a free sample below and see what we’re made of: 

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