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Here at ProofreadingServices.com, our mission is simple: help as many Maryland writers as possible make their work shine. We extend our services to people of all walks of life, be they scholars, managers, content producers, or anything else. If you’re in Maryland, from the walls of Fort McHenry to the trees of Washington Monument State Park, you’re in luck, because our professional proofreaders are here to help you communicate your important message strongly and effectively. Don’t gamble your reputation—get reassurance from proofreading experts that your writing is the best it can be, and use our editing prowess to propel yourself toward your goals.

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How do you know if we’re the right editing service for you?

Frankly, we’re the right editing service for anyone in Maryland. How can we make such a bold claim? Simple—our team is comprised of carefully vetted, highly experienced editing experts with diverse skills and knowledge. That means we can edit just about any kind of document, whether it’s an academic journal article, a business report, or a children’s book. No matter who you are, we’re confident we can accommodate your unique editing needs.

  • Whether you need your thesis edited or your university application proofread, our editors will do all they can to help you succeed academically. We’ve already helped students and faculty at the University of Maryland University College, the University of Maryland–College Park, and Towson University, whether they work in biology, computer science, or linguistics. 
  • The business world is harsh, and to succeed, you need to make sure your communications—whether internal memos or public statements—are clear and effectively convey your message. Our editors have worked with businesses all over Maryland, from Baltimore to Columbia, and helped them boost their efficiency and sales. It’s your turn now!
  • Not everyone in Maryland speaks English as a first language. Across the state live many speakers of Spanish, Chinese, French, and other languages who struggle to write effectively in English. Our professional proofreaders have already helped ESL speakers of all languages communicate effectively in English, so no matter what your language is, we’d love to help you.
  • Emails, blog posts, and other miscellaneous documents are also important. We can check just about any English-language document you send us!

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We have extremely high standards for our proofreading team.

How high are our standards? If we had to give a number, we’d say 99.7%. That’s the percentage of proofreading applicants who fail to pass the rigorous set of proofreading assessments required to earn a slot on our team. The remaining 0.3% are the best of the best in the editing world, with years of experience behind them to ensure they’ll always provide high-quality editing services. They come from English-speaking countries like Australia, Ireland, the US, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand, making them well versed in numerous variants of English, and they boast knowledge in supplementary fields, which means they can easily edit technical documents.

In short, the 6,042,718 professors, lawyers, creative writers, and others in Maryland are in luck. They have access to the top English proofreading service on the web, with guaranteed accuracy and on-time delivery with each order. Our editors take pride in their work, carefully working through your document to make it all it can be while managing their time appropriately to make sure they can always deliver by your specified turnaround time.

There’s no better proofreading team to work with.

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Get the first 300 words edited at no charge.

If you request a free sample below, we can edit the first 300 words of your document for free! Just give us 24 hours, and we’ll have the edited version back to you. If you’re impressed—and we have no doubt you will be—you can place a paid order for the rest. 

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