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If you need proofreading services, don’t settle for a subpar company that provides lackluster results. Your work is worth the investment in a top-quality editing agency like ProofreadingServices.com, which boasts the top online editors on the English-speaking Internet. We’re big fans of Maine, from Portland Head Light, shining out over the sea, to the beautiful nature at Acadia National Park, and that’s why we put in extra effort to help writers all across Maine. We can deeply review your research paper to make sure it conveys all your groundbreaking ideas accurately, or we can lightly check your corporate social media posts to maximize the efficacy of your campaign. No matter what kind of editing needs you have, our expert proofreaders are bound to accommodate you. 

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Who are our proofreading services available to?

Anyone in Maine—or, for that matter, in the world—can take advantage of our editors’ top-level proofreading skills. We’re passionate about helping people improve their writing, whether they’re students, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, poets, or anything in between. We know you have great ideas, and our job is to make sure you express them as clearly and powerfully as possible. 

  • We love helping students and other academics explore the frontiers of new knowledge. From the University of Maine, to the University of Southern Maine, to the University of New England, our editors are happy to help scholars at any Maine university. We’re highly experienced in academic editing, with knowledge in additional subjects like psychology, economics, and mathematics, as well as a deep familiarity with the most common style guides.
  • Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or other professional in Maine? Our proofreaders have helped companies from Portland to Lewiston succeed in their business writings, whether for internal communication or product promotion. Our editors are intimately acquainted with the business world and know how to help you make the most of your business documents. 
  • Across Maine live speakers of various languages—not everyone is a native English speaker. For native speakers of French, Spanish, German, and more, English can be a tricky language to master, and producing effective English texts can present a real challenge. That’s where our editors come in—no matter what your mother tongue is, our proofreaders will help you express yourself in English like a native speaker. 
  • Any other documents you’d like edited are fair game as well! Our mission is to help as many people as possible improve their English writing. 

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We’re a team of carefully vetted proofreading experts.

We receive tons of proofreading applicants eager to join our team, but the vast majority don’t meet our high standards. We’re extremely selective about who can join our team—all editors must pass a set of extremely challenging editing assessments to be considered. The pass rate for the tests is a mere 0.3%. Additionally, all our proofreading professionals are native English speakers from various English-speaking countries, and they have extensive experience and expertise in editing and proofreading. In other words, we hire the best of the best.

Maine is home to around 1,338,404 people, many of whom are researchers, CEOs, screenwriters, and other writers who need the careful guidance of a professional proofreader to make their writing all it can be. There’s no better online proofreading service than us—we promise fast, accurate, professional edits tailored to your specified needs and delivered before your specified turnaround time. If you’re looking for true professionalism, you’ll find it here.

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