How to Ace Your Job Interview

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Improve Your Resume or CV

It’s easy to underestimate how much time and effort goes into landing a job. You can spend weeks or even months trying to find a job, so when you finally get the call for an interview, make sure you’re prepared for it because it’s a make-or-break situation. That’s the time to call a career coach to help you master the process. 

Here are some tips for acing your job interview and getting hired.

Wait patiently for a response

Landing a job interview isn’t easy, and it may entail applying for several vacancies. Don’t let rejection discourage you—when so many people are pursuing one job, most of them will be rejected. Of course, you should always evaluate whether you’re doing anything wrong and whether you can improve your chances somehow, but the key is persistence. As long as you’re applying for jobs you’re actually qualified for and your resume adequately showcases your skills, experience, and professionalism, you’ll get an interview eventually.  

Practice your interview skills

One of the main things a hiring manager looks for is your ability to communicate effectively. As you patiently wait for an interview, practice talking to an interviewer. The best way to evaluate yourself is to have a friend pretend to be the interviewer and record the interaction. Then, play the recording to check out how you sound—you might sound different from what you expected. 

Even better, you can work with a mock interviewer who knows what employers want and can provide detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as well as suggest ways for improving.

Be prepared to share your experience

Hiring managers are interested in how your previous experience will contribute to their company, so be prepared to share how you can add value. Consider what you want to say well in advance and run through the routine in your head several times so you can perform confidently during the interview. 

Demonstrate your professionalism

When you submit a resume, you’re just a faceless figure behind a text. Being called in for an interview is your opportunity to demonstrate professionalism in how you carry yourself. Pick out a suitable outfit—something that’s clean, business-like, and flattering. Show up around 15 minutes early—check out the route beforehand or even test-drive along it the day before (if possible), and then leave earlier than you think you need to. When you meet with the interviewer, stand up straight with your head up, offer a friendly smile, and carry yourself with a professional demeanor. Little things like these can go a long way.

No matter what job you’re interviewing for, consider your interview skills and work to improve them. This is the first time you’re meeting a prospective employer face to face, and mastering the interview process is vital for landing the job. As you prepare for the interview, reach out to our career coaches to help you polish your skills.

Improve Your Resume or CV