How to Create a Resume That You Can Send from Your Mobile Device

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Thanks to the miracle of technology, you can now find and apply for a job from your smartphone. You could be waiting to get the oil in your car changed and use the downtime to send out your resume. Armed with nothing but your phone, you can scroll through job boards, create a resume, and submit job applications. 

The hiring manager on the other end might be perusing resumes on their mobile device, too. While this all sounds great, remember that phone and computer screens look different. You want a resume that’s viewable on a phone, tablet, or laptop and whose formatting doesn’t fall apart across different devices. This poses some challenges. If you’re not sure how to create a mobile resume, get formatting help from a resume expert

Challenge #1: The viewing time

Most hiring managers only spend a maximum of 10 seconds on any given resume. If they’re using their phone, that drops to about six seconds. If you want to maximize the time recruiters spend on your resume, it has to perform just as seamlessly on a phone as it would on a computer. 

The risk in submitting your resume from your mobile device is that it might not open on another device, but you can mitigate this risk by carefully checking the file type. PDFs are the most accessible file type for mobile devices. However, be careful with them as many applicant tracking systems (ATSs) can’t handle this file type. Since these programs scan resumes and toss out any that are illegible or irrelevant, submitting a PDF file is usually not a good idea.  That said, spend some time researching the best file types for mobile devices. If you submit your resume in the correct format, the hiring manager will be able to open and read it. 

Challenge #2: The content

The temptation to create a generic resume and submit it for every job is just as strong when you use a mobile device as when you use a computer. However, if you do that, you’ll never get a call. No one wants to hire a mediocre candidate who demonstrates no passion. Whatever device you use, you’ll always need to create a job-specific resume! 

Both the content of your resume and its presentation are crucial. Most of the time, hiring managers will only evaluate the top third of your resume, so arrange the information wisely. Include the key qualifications and experience mentioned in the job description to compel the hiring manager to read on, especially when they’re viewing your resume on their mobile device.

Challenge #3: The format

This is a major challenge when submitting a resume from your mobile device since formatting can change dramatically between phones and computers. 

First, get rid of any lines, designs, page breaks, or tables that don’t transfer well onto a mobile device. To avoid any issues, exclude elements other than keyboard characters. You don’t want to risk a design or a line running through your text. Content is more important than design, and if your design is obstructing your content, you’re not going to be hired, no matter what your content is.

Next, consider the font style and size. It’s best to use generic fonts such as Times New Roman or Calibri, which are viewable on any device. If you use a font that isn’t viewable on mobile devices, hiring managers may not even be able to read your resume. The font size is also important. Anything below 10 pt is too small, so going with 10 pt for your normal text and 12-14 pt for your headers is a solid plan. Hiring managers can always zoom in if they need to. You just want to avoid the text being too big and breaking in weird spots since this can destroy the professional look and cohesion of your resume.

Applying for jobs and submitting your resume have become easier thanks to the advanced technology of smartphones, but that doesn’t mean you can take shortcuts. You still need a professional resume, but now you can submit it from your mobile device, allowing you to apply for jobs on the go. Just make sure your resume is readable on any device. To be confident that your mobile resume is ready for submission, ask a resume expert to check it for you! 

Improve Your Resume or CV