It’s (Always) Time to Update Your Resume

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Improve Your Resume or CV

It’s all too easy to forget what you have until you need to use it.  For example, you may have bought a stunning outfit to wear on a date and hung it in the back of your closet, never to be seen again. Until you get asked out on a date, that is. 

Then you start rummaging through your closet to find the outfit and notice that it’s wrinkled and needs a little TLC. So, as you rush around to get ready for your date, ironing your gorgeous garment is just one more thing you need to do. Now you have to deal with some extra stress that you definitely didn’t need. Will your outfit look as stunning as it’s supposed to, and are you even going to be on time for your date now? Why, oh why, didn’t you just keep it ready to be worn whenever you needed it? That would have saved a ton of time, right?

That’s exactly how you should think about your resume. If you never touch it until you need it, you’ll spend way too much time trying to freshen it up, adding all the new skills you’ve learned and all your recent achievements. Let’s look at some ways to keep your resume fresh on a regular basis. If you need help updating it, consult a resume expert today.

Schedule time to work on it

Many people never get something done unless they schedule it. If that’s you, keeping your resume up to date can be a challenge, so find time (maybe once a month) to look over this essential document and update anything that needs to be updated. Maybe you can set a reminder on your phone to do this on the first day of every month. This way, you always know exactly what’s on your resume, you can fix any issues promptly, and you can add details as needed. 

You won’t risk forgetting details over time, either, ensuring you always have a vast pool of information to draw from. Thus, you will always be ready to submit your resume, even if you aren’t planning on switching jobs. An exciting new opportunity could fall into your lap unexpectedly, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we never know when our last day at a job will be, so always be ready to apply for another one.

Keep track of your accomplishments

Keeping track of your work accomplishments helps you remember the big and the little moments alike. It’s significantly harder to remember what you accomplished two years ago, but if you write down the milestones as you reach them, you can reference the list when updating your resume. 

Keeping such a log is a good idea because you may want to include different accomplishments for different jobs, depending on their specific requirements. Armed with your detailed list, you can pick the best achievements for each job you apply for. Remember that hiring managers are looking for successes in your previous jobs, so you should keep a solid record of all you were able to accomplish. 

Use your resources

One important thing to remember about the resume-writing process is that you’re not alone. There are tons of resources to help you freshen up your resume. 

First, find samples of resumes that present information in different ways. Studying these examples will help you develop a different perspective and familiarize you with different ways to structure a successful resume. Taking creativity too far isn’t a good idea when it comes to resumes, but there are various ways to effectively present your information.

Another valuable resource you should use is a professional resume writer. In this case, you give your writer all the information they need and let them do all the work. This saves you time and gives you a better chance of getting the job you’re applying for since a professional resume writer knows the most effective way to present your information. Leave the time-consuming task of resume writing to the professionals. If you get an expert to help you with this, you can focus more on advancing your career.  

Don’t let your resume just sit there and collect dust until you need it. Keep it fresh and up to date. You will thank yourself later when you’re in a rush to apply for that job everyone wants. Don’t have the time to update it yourself? Leave it to professional resume writers!

Improve Your Resume or CV