The 10 Job Interview Tips You Need to Know

Below are our ten secrets to acing your interview and landing the job of your dreams. To get more job interview tips and explore how our experienced job coaches can help you prepare for your next big opportunity, check out our services for jobseekers here.

Man at desk with resume
1. Bring your resume.
Make sure your resume is current and free of errors, and bring a copy for yourself and the interviewer. To keep it smooth and clean, consider using a professional carrying cover.
Phone not allowed
2. Turn off your phone.
Calls and texts during an interview are distracting and unprofessional, so be sure to turn your phone off.
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3. Take notes.
Make notes whenever you feel you may have questions or will need to remember something. To the interviewer, this will demonstrate how focused you are.
Man pointing his smile
4. Smile.
Greet your interviewer with a friendly smile to create a comfortable environment from the start.
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5. Arrive early.
Plan to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early. This reinforces your dedication and gives you time to get into the right mindset.
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6. Dress well.
The way you dress reflects your professionalism. Wear an outfit appropriate for the workplace, and give yourself enough time to get ready.
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7. Give a firm handshake.
A strong handshake shows your confidence and sets both you and the interviewer at ease.
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8. Prepare.
Research the company and the responsibilities of the role beforehand. Practice talking about both so the information comes to you naturally.
Man and woman in business attire talking
9. Ask questions.
Prepare two or three questions about the company and the position, and ask for clarification on any areas of interest that came up throughout the interview.
Man and woman in an interview
10. Remember your posture.
Sit up straight, and try to engage with the interviewer by maintaining eye contact to show your interest in the position.

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