Job Success Packages for Industry and Academia

Everything you need for a great job hunt or career change: resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing as well as career coaching, mock interviews, and more. Select only what you need.

Our customizable packages go beyond style and grammar edits to convey what makes you an ideal candidate. Hundreds of clients have relied on our job success packages to land their dream jobs.

Your resume or CV is the backbone of your application materials. Our resume writing and rewriting service is our most popular offering—but we offer much more. We can help polish everything from your cover letter to your LinkedIn profile to your interview skills.

Our Job Success Packages Can Include...

From resume writing to mock interviews, pick only what you need.
Resume writing or overhauling (from US$157)

A professionally written resume increases your chances of finding that dream job because it’s targeted, clear, concise, and error-free. Optimizing your resume helps applicant tracking systems identify your suitability for jobs, which means your resume will reach hiring managers—and you’ll make a great first impression.

A professionally written resume increases your chances of getting hired by 40%, getting contacted by recruiters by 38%, and getting interviewed by 31%.*

That means a much shorter job search, more job offers (which generally means higher pay), and less stress.

One client we worked with saw a 67% salary increase after we overhauled his resume.

We’ll create a resume from scratch or rewrite your existing resume to optimize it for hiring managers and applicant tracking systems. See before and after. Our resume writing and rewriting services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Custom cover letter (US$67)

We’ll write you a single cover letter that you can easily recycle with just a few changes for most job applications.

LinkedIn profile writing or overhauling (US$87)

We’ll write or rewrite your LinkedIn profile so it’s more professional and ranks better in search engines, getting you more attention from recruiters. See an example here.

Post-interview follow-up letters (US$47)

We’ll provide professionally crafted letter templates that provide value to the interviewer and reinforce your professionalism.

Even more

For those who want them, we also offer

  • unlimited revision of your resume and cover letter (from US$67),
  • career coaching over the phone (US$167), and
  • a mock interview service with constructive feedback (US$167).

Our Resume Overhaul Process

Don't have a resume? No worries; we'll write one from scratch for the same price as overhauling one.

Below is an example of how we improved one client’s resume, setting him apart as an ideal candidate, telling a better story about the value he’d bring to his future employers, and eliminating the grammar and formatting errors that were holding him back from his dream job.


Originally, this resume had typos and inconsistent formatting that made the applicant appear unprofessional. It was too long at two pages for recruiters to take seriously, and it was difficult for applicant tracking systems to find.

Before Resume
With Resume Rewriting

As you can see, the process goes much deeper than editing. Our goal is to reevaluate everything to make sure you stand out to recruiters and the applicant tracking systems they use.

Resume Changes

This final resume presents the applicant as an ideal candidate. It features professional formatting, has no glaring errors, and thoroughly outlines his experience, making it valuable for hiring managers and applicant tracking systems alike. This exact resume (with a different name) led to multiple job offers and a large salary increase.

Final Resume

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to talk with my resume writer?

Yes! Most companies don’t allow this, but we do. You can work directly with your resume writer via email to clarify any details.

Can you deliver my job success package faster than four days?

We can! We deliver most packages in under four calendar days (96 hours). If you provide your employment experience, education, skills, and links to ideal jobs right away, we can likely deliver your package in two to three days. Contact us if you’re in a rush.

Do you write resumes for part-time consulting work?

Absolutely. We’ve written resumes for many software professionals seeking consulting work. We’ve also helped translators who are looking for part-time or contract work as opposed to full-time employment.

Not ready to order? Here’s why most people choose us

1. Grammar and spelling errors cost 40% of applicants their dream jobs.

According to the London Evening Standard, hiring managers throw out 40% of all applications because of spelling and grammar errors. That’s 4 out of 10 people! Since over $100,000 can hinge on a single document, we certainly recommend a second set of eyes.

2. Only a fraction of resumes are actually read by a human.

Most employers use applicant tracking systems that match a predefined set of keywords with the words used in your resume. With an 80% match of the right keywords, your resume will be sent to a hiring manager. A 60–79% match might not be enough, and anything below a 60% match normally means your resume will just sit in a digital pile forever. Our resume writers have spent years learning how to place the right keywords in the right places and in the right quantities to get your resume in front of a human.

3. It’s our job to brag for you.

Some people shy away from speaking highly of themselves, understating their qualifications. Hiring an expert to write your resume will keep the content professional and unbiased while still drawing attention to your strengths and accomplishments.

4. You will make—yes, make!—money.

The longer you’re unemployed or underemployed, the longer you aren’t earning. If a professionally written resume can help you get a job more quickly—and it can—you’ll be making money again more quickly. If you’re having trouble landing interviews, perhaps it’s time to consider having your resume written by a professional.

5. Jobseekers we’ve worked with rave about us and get results.

When I first contacted, my resume concerns were that the content was just a list of tasks and the overeducation was a turnoff. After their consultations, they were able to highlight specific accomplishments to quantify my background. With the new resume, I can confidently apply to more lucrative job openings. In fact, the last job I had saw a 67% increase in hourly salary. This service was definitely a worthwhile investment.

— Marvin, an accountant seeking higher pay

I think the best reason to use is peace of mind. The types of documents I had them review were highly scrutinized by medical school admissions committees, and one flaw could have led to very unfavorable outcomes.

— Jennifer, a medical school applicant

Their writing is truly something else. I’ve used other services for cover letters, and this is far and away the best. Indeed, on occasion, I have sent cover letters completed by other sites to, and what they have returned has been in another class.

— Martin, a business development manager looking for a job with better compensation

Thank you for the rewrite. I got three interviews in the week since the resume rewrite, one with an organization that had turned me down numerous times before. I can’t thank you enough.

— Frank, an administrative support professional

I am thrilled with the results of my resume rewrite. Jana was an absolute pleasure to work with, finding out exactly what I wanted my resume to say. Since I posted my new and improved resume on yesterday, two recruiters have already reached out to me regarding editorial positions I’m actually interested in (rather than the insurance sales or customer service jobs they normally contact me about). I couldn’t be more pleased, and I will definitely refer your company to friends and colleagues who are looking to have their resumes rewritten. Thank you!

— Kate, a writer seeking magazine writing and editing positions

They did a great job on my resume. They changed my incorrect use of words and fixed inconsistent formatting, and most of all, it’s just nice to have that peace of mind—a second pair of eyes. I give them a 10/10 and will be using them any time I have something important to write for my job search. They did an incredible job, and that peace of mind is worth a billion dollars. Job well done! Thank you so much!

— Starvon, a regional sales director looking to transition into event management

Your service is not like the other resume writing services out there. You guys actually took into consideration what I wrote and helped me express it with the right words, and you provided comments to not only help me but you also explained why it should be fixed! Love you guys.

— Andrea, a product management consultant seeking full-time positions

The team did amazing work, very detailed work. They rewrote sentences in order to make the meaning clearer. What I love is there were little notes asking confirmation about whether the new sentence referred to what was meant. Moreover, the result came earlier than the expected time frame. It’s worth it. Excellent! Keep up the good work.

— Dewi, a virology Ph.D. seeking research positions

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