5 Ways to Learn English Faster

1. Study English with a Tutor over Skype

Get the best price on Skype English tutoring here. Seriously. Fill in your email here and up to five top tutors will email you within 24 hours to pitch their services. It's so simple, I don't know why you wouldn't.

2. Take an Online TOEFL Course

If a tutor is out of your budget, the best option is Magoosh's TOEFL course (a ProofreadingServices.com affiliate). It's not great because I say it's great; it's great because they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee and a guarantee that you'll increase your TOEFL score by at least 4 points. That's pretty sweet. Check out the TOEFL course here. There are cheaper, lower-quality options, but cheap isn't what you want. You want a higher TOEFL score.

3. Read About Nearly All Areas of English with These Guides

Speed up your English language learning with this packet of 44 ESL guides we wrote (yeah, the same people who made the awesome 128 Words to Use Instead of "Very" infographic made 44 ESL guides you can use to study). The best part? You name the price.

4. Study Throughout the Day with Flashcards

You know "very" is a weak word, but what are you going to do to eliminate it from your vocabulary? Take these 128 printable flashcards with you wherever you go. Got a minute between events? Use these flashcards to remind yourself that you shouldn't say "very empty"; you should say "desolate." Get the flashcards here.

5. Study in Your Home with a Poster

Get the infographic 128 Words to Use Instead of "Very" on your wall as a poster so you can learn as you go about your day. Your English will be very good excellent. :)

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