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Ghostwriters are hired to write books for other people. They’re invisible, doing their work behind the scenes while the client takes credit as the author (hence the “ghost” part).

Why do people use ghostwriters? It’s usually for one of three reasons: 

  1. They aren’t confident in their writing skills and need help.
  2. They don’t like to write, but they have a story to tell. 
  3. They are busy and don’t have the time for a writing project.

It’s important to hire a professional and trusted ghostwriter–after all, it’s your name on the cover of the published book. You need dependable professionals who not only write your book but also guide you through the editing and publishing stages, providing you with comprehensive support so you can bring your project to fruition. You can get all of this from our skilled ghostwriting team.

How do we help you write your book and get it out into the world? Take a look at the steps below.

  1. We interview you.

The interview stage is critical–we can’t write your book if we don’t know your story! We need to find out what is important to you and what you want to write about. As ghostwriting experts, we know what makes for an engaging story, so our team can ask the right questions to extract the most important details and help you decide on the most compelling themes and narratives. This allows us to create an outline that will be passed on to you for review.

  1. We organize and develop an outline.

Once the team has interviewed you, it will compile the information gleaned into a solid outline containing your most important ideas. Using the material you have provided, it will put together an outline that reflects your crucial points in an effective and appealing way. Don’t worry: Since it’s your book, you always have executive control. Before the team begins ghostwriting, it will present the finished outline to you for approval, and you can request any changes you wish.

  1. We ghostwrite your story.

After you go over the outline and give us the go-ahead, our team begins to draft your book. It uses the approved outline and checks in with you as it composes your story, allowing you to witness its progress in real time. The team members collaborate with you and respond to any feedback you may have. This allows you to make changes, additions, or deletions as your story unfolds. Since they are bestselling ghostwriters, you are sure to be pleased with their skills in crafting narratives, and you’ll find it exciting to watch your story come together in the hands of professionals.

  1. We listen to your feedback.

After the team has completed the first draft, it will contact you again to get your feedback. You can then examine the work and suggest any changes you see fit. Our ghostwriters use your input and make the necessary revisions. Once you’re satisfied with the manuscript, it goes off to beta readers, who offer further suggestions to make the book even more captivating and marketable.

  1. We pass it to our editing team.

Your book is now ready for editing and proofreading. Our first-rate editing team closely reviews the text and makes insightful edits that improve coherence and flow, providing a valuable third-party perspective. It also carefully checks grammar, punctuation, and spelling and looks for any typos since even the best writers let the occasional error slip through.

  1. We work with you to get your book published.

Writing a book is only half the journey–getting it published can be just as arduous. Using our publishing connections, our team assists you in finding an agent and securing a publishing deal. We do this in part by helping you construct a query letter, which is key when working with agents and publishers. Drawing on our proven experience, we also offer advice and guide you in understanding the publishing journey, which can be daunting for new authors.

  1. We help in promoting your book.

Our team continues to be by your side as it helps you come up with an attention-grabbing cover. Since people do indeed judge books by their covers, yours is crucial to your marketing strategy. Once again, we leverage our industry connections to aid you in marketing your book and procuring both reviews and endorsements from prominent people in the publishing world.

If you have a story to tell and need help putting it on paper, our professionals can help you through the entire process. Reach out to us today

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