List of 496 Words With Long A Sound

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Want to find a list of words with a long A sound? Here's a list of such terms. Here, you'll find a wide range of English words whose pronunciation contains your chosen sound.
able daily inveigle race
abstain dainty investigation radio
acorn daisy irrigation raid
acquaint data jail rail
acre date Jamaica raiment
adaptation day jay rain
administration daydream jaywalk rainbow
affray daylight Kuwait raise
afraid daze label raisin
age debatable labor rake
aid decade lace ratio
aide decay lackadaisical raven
ail declaim ladle ray
ailment defray lady rayon
aim deign laid reclaim
aimless derail lain refrain
airway destination laissez-faire refrigerate
allay detail lake refrigerator
always detain lane regain
anyway disarray late reign
ape disclaimer lay rein
aphid disdain layer relay
appertain dismay layette remain
application display layman replay
appraisal domain layoff restrain
approximation doomsday layover retail
April drain layperson retain
apron earthquake leeway roundelay
arraign education legerdemain runaway
array eight lei safe
ascertain eighteen made sail
ashtray eighty maid saint
Asia elevator mail sale
assail entail main same
assailant entertain Maine Saturday
ate entertainment mainland save
attain entrails mainstay say
avail escape maintenance scale
available essay major shaken
await evaporation make shaky
away everyday Malay shape
aweigh exclaim Malaysia slain
baby explain male slavery
bagel expressway maple slay
bail face May sleigh
bailiff fail maybe snail
bailiwick failure mayflower snake
bait fain mayfly soothsay
bake faint mayhem space
bakery fairway mayonnaise spacious
base faith mayor Spain
basic faraway maypole spay
basin fatal maze splay
basis fate Mediterranean sprain
bay favor membrane spray
bayonet fay mislay stage
became faze Monday staid
Beirut feign moraine stain
belay feint mutation staple
betray flail nail state
betrayal flame name stay
biodegradable flay nation stowaway
birthday foray navel straight
blamable forsaken nay strain
blame fracas neigh strait
blaze fragrant neighbor stray
blockade frail neighborhood subway
bobtail frailty Norway Sunday
Bombay fray nosegay surveillance
bouillabaisse freeway nowadays sustain
braid freight obtain swain
braille Friday okay sway
brain gaiety operator table
braise gain organization tail
bray gainsay ossification tailor
bricklayer gait outlay taint
byplay game overlay take
byway gangway overpay taken
cable gape oxidation tape
cage gate pace taste
caisson gave page terrain
caitiff gay paid Thursday
cake geisha pail today
calculate gracious pain tolerate
came grade paint tomato
campaign graduation paper trade
candidate grain parkway trail
cane grape parlay train
capable gravy paste traipse
cape gray pasteurization trait
caraway graze pathway traitor
case hail patient travail
castaway Haiti pay tray
cave halfway payment Tuesday
centigrade hallway payoff twain
chain haste peignoir underway
chaise hay phase unsay
chambray hayloft phrase upbraid
chase hazy place vacation
chatelaine headway plain vain
chilblain hearsay plaintiff veil
circulation heinous plaintive vein
claim heyday plane wage
classification hibernate play waif
clay highway player wail
cocaine highwayman playful wain
compensation Himalaya playground wainscot
complain holiday playhouse waist
complaisant hooray playpen wait
concave horseplay playwright waive
condensation hurricane pollination waiver
congratulation immigration population waste
constrain inauguration portray wave
constraint indicate potato way
contain inescapable praise wayfarer
contrail inflatable pray waylay
craig information prayer wayside
crane ingrain prevail wayward
crayfish inlay proclaim Wednesday
crayon innovative ptomaine weigh
crossways insulate quail whale
crusade interplay quaint wraith
curtail interstate qualitative X-ray
cutaway inveigh quatrain yesterday