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With an estimated total of 200 to 250 million speakers, Malay is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet, even though it only has 77 million native speakers. This pluricentric Austronesian language, spoken in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei, features two distinct standardized forms—Indonesian and Malaysian—that act as the lingua francas for Indonesia and Malaysia, respectively.

Singapore is famous for its strong economic development in Southeast Asia, but Indonesia and Malaysia are strong players in the regional market as well. Indonesia has been identified as one of the “Next Eleven” countries poised to develop into big players on the international economic stage, and Malaysia has similarly seen its economy expand rapidly over the past two decades. Both are promising markets for corporate expansion, and both contain myriad companies eying the international market. At, we hold the key to both: professional Malay translation services.

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Trust Malay Translation Experts for the Highest-Quality Translations

As an Austronesian language, Malay differs significantly from English. It employs heavy use of affixes—whether prefixes, suffixes, or circumfixes—and reduplication to form new words. At first glance, Malay may seem grammatically simple—no gender, no plural, and no verbal inflections for person or even tense. However, verbs do inflect extensively for voice, aspect, and mood.

Malay doesn’t have grammatical subjects like English does—instead, it uses agent constructions. The most common word order is OVA, or object-verb-agent, which can be confusing for English speakers used to SVO, or subject-verb-object. Malay’s voice system includes “agent focus” and “patient focus” voices, often erroneously dubbed “active” and “passive” despite deep structural differences. Malay’s complicated nature means Malay translation should be left to the foremost experts, like the Malay translators on our team, who have amassed years of experience. If you want high-quality Malay translations, we’re your go-to team.

Reliable Malay Translation for Any Kind of Client

  • Companies. As a middle-income country whose economy is steadily growing, Malaysia is a wise choice to expand business operations in Southeast Asia. Our Malay translation experts can help you translate your business plan, employment contracts, press releases, and product labels into Malay. The same goes for Malaysian companies that want to conquer the international market—we’ll translate your content into English for maximum reach.
  • Scholars. Malaysian academics work hard to make groundbreaking discoveries, and our academic Malay translation team would be thrilled to help them spread their work around the world with reliable Malay-to-English translation services. Ever dedicated to flexibility, our Malay translation team can also translate foreign papers or research questionnaires from English to Malay to support academic initiatives in Malaysia.
  • Content creators. Books, movies, poems, games, and more written in Malay deserve to make a mark on the world, and our literary Malay translators can help by crafting careful translations that stay loyal to the original. We’re also committed to helping international content creators tailor their works for a Malay-speaking audience, bringing more high-quality art and entertainment to Malaysia.

We serve clients from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, George Town, and beyond, from all sorts of different industries and walks of life. What all our clients have in common is the value they see in our carefully crafted Malay translations, specially tailored to suit their individual needs. With the extensive experience our translators boast, almost anything is possible in the realm of Malay translation—we’re dedicated to breaking down the language barriers. Time is no object, either—our Malay translation team lets you choose the deadline and works hard to complete your translation on time, never sacrificing accuracy.

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