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The Maori people are the original inhabitants of Aotearoa—modern-day New Zealand. Although the Maori faced cultural and linguistic repression for several hundred years, New Zealand is now embracing its Maori heritage, with both Maori and non-Maori alike putting forth the effort to learn the Maori language. With the New Zealand government pushing for Maori language classes in primary schools from 2025, Maori’s vitality will only continue to grow in New Zealand.

Almost all speakers of Maori also speak English—but the Maori language is an important part of their culture and identity, so communicating with this audience in Maori has a bigger impact than in English. If you’re targeting the Maori speakers of New Zealand, hiring a professional Maori translator is the most effective way to do it and a fantastic way to capture the attention of Maori speakers. Maori speakers should also consider hiring top-level Maori translation experts to translate from Maori to English, because translation is more than just knowing two languages—it requires specialized skills and knowledge. At, our Maori translation team has the skills and knowledge needed to craft top-quality Maori translations in both directions.

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What Challenges Does Maori Translation Present?

Maori, also known as te reo Maori or simply te reo, is a Polynesian language, similar to other Pacific Island languages, such as Hawaiian, Tongan, and Samoan, and not English, despite living alongside English for centuries. Maori word order, verb-subject-object, puts the verb first—something that only 9% of languages worldwide do. It has almost no inflection, so words rarely change form—instead, Maori uses grammatical particles to indicate information such as plurality, case, tense, aspect, mood, and more.

Maori pronouns are more complicated than English’s—while it doesn’t have the politeness distinction common to European languages, it does distinguish between the inclusive and exclusive first-person plural. That means Maori uses a different pronoun for “we” depending on whether the listener is included. Maori also distinguishes between three numbers in its pronouns, with a specific set of pronouns to denote two people and another set for three or more people.

Maori is dramatically different from English, which raises challenges in translation, whether to or from Maori. But for trained professionals, these obstacles are relatively easy to overcome. Our Maori translators are experienced and passionate, so you can trust them to deliver reliable translations every time.

Who Can Benefit from Professional Maori Translation Services?

Whether it’s to or from Maori, just about anyone can take advantage of our top-notch translation offering. Check out a few examples:

  • Authors, writers, and other artists. Maori folklore is a unique cultural aspect that New Zealand is proud of, and we believe it deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. Maori storytellers continue to lovingly craft their tales in writing, so whether you want to translate historical or contemporary Maori literature, our translators have you covered. We’re also available to translate literature into Maori—after all, there’s a big niche market eager to dive into Maori-language stories and entertainment.
  • Bloggers, online stores, app developers, and game developers. Maori speakers are no different from other New Zealanders—they frequently browse the Internet and use digital media. Unfortunately, digital content is rarely available in Maori—but that means the market is wide open for businesses, bloggers, developers, and others to jump into. Translating your digital content into Maori is a phenomenal way to stand out and gain prominence among Maori speakers while supporting the revitalization of this culturally significant language.
  • Companies and businesspeople. As New Zealand increasingly embraces Maori, more and more companies have been incorporating Maori into their content. It works—using Maori allows a company to appear more dedicated to New Zealand and earn respect from the Maori people. So, if you want to translate your web copy, promotional documents, or business plan into Maori, turn to our Maori translators.

All across Aotearoa—from Wellington and Auckland to Tauranga and Whangārei—our Maori translators are eager to help you maximize the potential of Maori translation. For any type of translation—on any timeline—turn to

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