17 Medical Book Publishers You Need to Know

doctor reading a book
Medicine is one of the most important fields there is. Every day, medical professionals, be they doctors and surgeons or medical researchers and writers, strive to alleviate suffering and lengthen people’s lives. Medical materials cover all subfields, from dentistry, to neurology, to midwifery, and all these books and materials need specialized publishers to get them into the hands of the right people. Here’s a list of tons of reputable medical publishers.

Apollo Audiobooks LLC provides audio review material in the fields of medicine, nursing, allied health, and dentistry. These audio products are scripted, read, proofed, and produced by a licensed physician in order to maintain a high standard of professionalism and accuracy.

Apollo Audiobooks

Lubbock, TX, USA

Cardiotext Publishing is an independent print and digital publisher specializing in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Its cardiology books, well regarded and studied by allied health professionals and physicians, are written by internationally recognized physician-authors and cover the areas of electrophysiology, cardiac anatomy, ECGs, congenital heart disease, heart failure, and other topics in cardiac medicine.

Cardiotext Publishing

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Demos Medical Publishing serves the information needs of medical professionals. It publishes high-quality books and digital products for physicians and other healthcare providers and has established an international reputation for excellence in its core areas of neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pathology, and oncology. Demos Medical Publishing was acquired by Mannheim Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of the Mannheim Trust, New York, in 2004 and remains one of the few independent publishers in the field.

Demos Medical

New York, NY, USA

A. Davis is an independent family-owned publisher of educational solutions for the nursing and health science professions. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the city of its founding in 1879, the company is dedicated to developing teaching and learning solutions that meet the needs of nursing and health science students, educators, and practitioners. The breadth and depth of its digital, print, and online resources across disciplines and specialties provide a firm foundation on which to build the future.

A. Davis

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Medical Physics Publishing (MPP) was founded in 1985 by Dr. John Cameron, professor emeritus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a visionary in the medical physics field. MPP’s purpose is to provide affordable books in medical physics and related fields. It is a nonprofit, tax-exempt membership organization. MPP’s books are written by and for physicists, residents, radiologists, and technologists. MPP’s specific objective for its publications is primarily educational and scientific.

Medical Physics Publishing

Madison, WI, USA

PMPH-USA is the US publishing operation for the People’s Medical Publishing House, the largest medical publisher in China. Launched in January 2008, PMPH-USA publishes clinical references, textbooks, eBooks, and online material for physicians, dentists, medical students, and health science practitioners. In July of 2008, the company acquired B. C. Decker’s medical book list, consisting of world-class authors and titles in areas such as oncology, surgery, neurology, pediatrics, oral surgery, and dentistry.

People’s Medical Publishing House - USA

Beijing, China

Quality Medical Publishing (QMP) is an independent medical publisher noted for the quality of its publications and the reputations of its authors. Founded in 1986, the company has achieved international recognition for its state-of-the art publications, marketing expertise, and author-friendly approach. The experts at QMP have extensive experience in the industry and are highly regarded for their longstanding ties with the medical community. QMP has a reputation for leading the way with landmark publications, world-class educational symposia, innovative multimedia products, and online learning that help shape the industry.

Quality Medical Publishing Inc.

St. Louis, MO, USA

Quality of Life Publishing Co. is an independent publishing firm dedicated to helping ease the way for patients and families served by hospices since 1999. It continues to expand its offerings beyond end-of-life support, providing quality educational materials for home-care, private duty, and health-care organizations everywhere.

Quality of Life Publishing Co.

Naples, FL, USA

Bryan Edwards Publishing is dedicated to developing innovative medical references for higher education. Always a step ahead of the competition, the press’s devotion to quality educational supplements has earned the respect of over 2,000 college, university, and trade bookstores nationwide.

Bryan Edwards Publishing

Orange, CA, USA

Since 1981, Davies Publishing Inc. has been the leading publisher and purveyor of registry reviews, study aids, textbooks, videos, software, and CME solutions for ultrasound professionals. Its history is full of firsts that demonstrate the scope and depth of its commitment to the ultrasound community.

Davies Publishing Inc.

Pasadena, CA, USA

Eagletree Press, a division of TreeVisions LLC, was founded by Daphne Singingtree in 1984 in order to publish materials to educate midwives. Eagletree Press strives to provide quality products, great prices, and excellent service.


Eugene, OR, USA

MedMaster was founded in 1979 by Stephen Goldberg MD after his first book, Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple, was rejected by multiple publishers for making a serious topic funny and being too brief. It subsequently became a best seller, having sold over 350,000 copies.


Miami, FL, USA

Founded in 1987 by Curtis R. Vouwie for the purpose of providing information on timely topics of relevance for occupational health professionals, OEM Health Information Inc. continues to deliver high-quality publications in both print and electronic formats. More than 30 titles have been published under the OEM Press imprint for occupational health professionals in both medicine and nursing. In addition, OEM Health Information is the largest single source for other publishers’ occupational health titles through its online catalog. It is considered the best one-stop resource for books in this specialty.

OEM Press

Beverly Farms, MA, USA

Professional Communications Inc. (PCI) publishes a series of medical handbooks for the primary care practitioner authored by physician key opinion leaders. All of its texts are designed to be clinically relevant, with information presented in a concise, easily accessed format. Its handbooks are frequently updated as warranted by new developments in medicine.

Professional Communications Inc.

West Islip, NY, USA

Quality of Life Publishing Co. is an independent publishing firm dedicated to helping ease the way for patients and families served by hospices since 1999. It continues to expand its offerings beyond end-of-life support, providing quality educational materials for home-care, private duty, and health-care organizations everywhere.

Quality of Life Publishing Co.

Naples, FL, USA

Springer Publishing Company is known as an innovative nursing, social sciences, and medical publisher. Its books have won numerous awards, from the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Awards to the ALA Choice Awards and the highly selective AAP PROSE Awards, and it offers over 100 top-quality titles annually in addition to more than 20 journals. In all of its publishing areas, it is passionate about providing the best textbooks, professional reference and clinical books, apps, and digital products to students, instructors, and professionals.

Springer Publishing

New York, NY, USA

Triad publishes books (and more) for consumers and for doctors. Each one has been selected for useful, reliable information, then edited for easy readability. Since 1971, Triad has brought readers high-quality works created by leading experts in their fields.

Triad Publishing

Gainesville, FL, USA

Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher, serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years.

Thieme Medical Publishers

New York, NY, USA