6 Ways Businesses Can Bring in More Revenue

Wow, oh, wow. This is your lucky day:

Free Proofreading for Businesspeople

First, let's make sure you leave with the door prize: Here's $10 in free proofreading. No strings attached. It's not $10 off $20. It's not $10 off a service that costs far more than $10. I'm betting you'll see so much value in how we improve your writing that you'll use us whenever you have important documents. Lots of other businesses do. In fact, we proofread for hundreds of businesses and we don't sleep. Someone is available at 2AM on Christmas to return a document to you in a matter of hours. We call that shift "editors and eggnog."

Second, let's talk about boosting revenue; marketing copywriting, translationwebsite proofreading, and in-depth feedback on important information you've already written are all proven to help boost revenue. Your time is valuable, so I'll jump right into how:

1. Get Free Traffic from Google

Let's talk about soaking up that great Google traffic with blog posts and other marketing copy that excites, grips, and converts cold leads into hot customers. If you want to leverage years of search engine optimization and copywriting knowledge to get free traffic from Google and convert that traffic into clients, contact us about our business copywriting services.

    2. Talk to the Whole World

    Let's talk 翻译. Don't recognize that? Your customers do. Let's translate your existing content into all the big languages so you can roll in cash coming from all over the world. Contact us about increasing your business' reach with translation.

      3. Do What Amazon Did

      Here's a crazy thought, but removing typos from your business' website can boost revenue. Insane, right? But, Amazon—yes, that Amazon—hired proofreaders to find the errors on at least one of their sites, so it's not really that crazy. Check out the Amazon case study here and get in touch about getting a website proofreading quote. It's cheaper than you think.

        4. Listen before Launching

        Do you sometimes write in the dark? I don't mean with the lights off. That's weird. I mean do you sometimes write and publish client-facing materials without getting in-depth feedback on what you've written? If yes, uh oh. When you're the writer, focus group, and editor all in one, things can get ugly—fast. That's why, responding to requests from our business clients, we developed our Deluxe Business Package. This combines our regular editing and proofreading with a detailed report from the perspective of your intended audience and an in-depth report on editorial issues. We put ourselves in the minds of your potential clients and tell you where we think your writing could use some persuasive help and how to address that. Needless to say, the Deluxe Business Package pays for itself.

        5. Put Parts of Your Business on Autopilot

        If you're struggling with putting parts of your business on autopilot (acquiring more customers or just getting the daily work from 12 hours to 2 hours), it's time to get serious about fixing that with private consulting with our CEO. Luke is a subcontracting, outsourcing, let's-create-a-self-managing-digital-team-of-people-around-the-world-that-gets-stuff-done machine. This whole business, ProofreadingServices.com, runs from a laptop (often out of AirBnB rentals around the world). There's no costly office, and Luke has automated so much that he's down to about a single phone meeting once a quarter. Customers are brought in by the thousands digitally (hey, look what's happening right now) and the pieces simply run. If you want your business to be a bit more like that, contact Luke's consulting email at GrowthAndSleep@ProofreadingServices.com. It's not cheap, but it pays for itself many times over.

          6. Recycle Your Copy as Marketing Copy [Free Guide]

          You already have the coupon code from above that entitles you to $10 in free proofreading. Print it out. Use it. It's essentially cash, so ignoring it would be like throwing money in the trash. But there's more: Get our free ebook The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Business Content. It'll show you how to take text you've already spent time and money creating and repurpose it into other marketing materials. Who doesn't like saving time and money while bringing in new customers?

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