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At, our mission is to improve your writing as much as possible. That means eradicating grammatical mistakes, clearing up ambiguous structures, and elevating flow, leaving you with a clear, succinct, effective text that’s bound to help you reach your goals, whether you’re in academia, the business world, the publishing industry, or anywhere else. We offer these top-notch proofreading services to everyone in Delaware, motivated by our love for the Caesar Rodney Statue, Winterthur Museum, and everything else quintessentially Delaware. Our proofreaders can edit your document deeply or simply check it over for typos and grammar errors—it’s your choice. No matter what, you’ll get a high-quality edit delivered on time—that’s our promise.

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What can we edit for you?

If you asked, “What can’t we edit for you?” the answer would be a lot shorter. The truth is, we can edit just about anything for Delaware students, professionals, authors, and more. The same goes for writers all across the US and even all around the world. As long as your text is in English, our editors have the skills and expertise to improve it and help you convey your message smoothly and effectively. 

  • From the University of Delaware, to Wilmington University, to Delaware State University, Delaware is brimming with top-of-the-line universities. If you’re a student or professor at an esteemed Delaware institute of higher education, let our academic editors help you communicate your ideas clearly. Our proofreaders are well versed in numerous subjects, including economics, biology, and computer science, so we can help you even with technical papers.
  • Whether your business is in Wilmington or Dover, we support all Delaware businesses. Our editors are passionate about fostering companies and professionals to achieve their full potential, which is why they’re so committed to helping businesspeople across Delaware edit their business plans, ad campaigns, PowerPoint presentations, and more.
  • Not all Delawareans speak English as a first language. Whether your mother tongue is Hindi or French, our editors are experts at turning ESL texts into flowing masterpieces with a native-speaker flair. If you want to express yourself clearly and confidently in English, we’re your team.
  • Sometimes, you just have an important email or message that you need to be certain reads smoothly and effectively expresses your ideas and feelings. Anytime you need to be sure about the efficacy of your writing, just let our expert editors take a look at it.

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The best editing talent from around the world.

Who are our editors? Simply put, they’re among the best proofreading talent in the world. We meticulously vet our proofreading applicants by having them undertake a set of strenuous editing tests that only the best can overcome. Those who pass—just one out of every 300—are welcomed onto our editing team. Hailing from various countries in the English-speaking world, our editors are true experts in the English language, boasting countless years of experience editing and proofreading documents just like yours. Over the years, they’ve satisfied thousands of clients with their tenacious dedication to accuracy and timely delivery.

Delaware houses close to a million inhabitants—967,171, to be exact. That means Delaware is full of writers like you, in academia, business, and literature, who desire the careful eye of a professional proofreader to ensure their writing is all it can be. Under a tight deadline? Your deadline is our deadline—with turnaround options as short as three hours, you can rest assured you’ll always have your edited document back in time. Our editors know how to work fast and accurately—it’s part of what makes them the best.

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We promise our editors can blow you away in just 300 words. That’s why we’re happy to offer free editing samples—if you’re not sure about our proofreading services yet, all you have to do is request a no-obligation free sample. Our editors will show off their skills in just 300 words.

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