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Are you seeking to make your writing error-free? 

There is nothing worse for a writer than seeing a glaring error in print. It’s embarrassing when it happens in an email to a friend; it’s horrifying when it happens in an important business proposal or a final thesis for a class., the top online English proofreading service, provides writers like you a solution to this dilemma. By working with one of our talented editors, you can gain confidence that your writing is error-free, and your ideas are clearly presented. 

High-quality writing elevates your reputation and thorough editing is what brings your writing to this level. We partner with writers all around Stockton, from Haggin Museum to Micke Grove Zoo, and play an integral role in their eventual success. Our services include academic proofreading, business editing, resume reviews, general editing, and much more.     

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A host of quality editing services 

Business owners, students, professors, marketers, authors, and many other types of writers depend on us to make their work better. No matter what form your writing takes, we have an editor who can add impact and clarity.

  • Theses, research articles, and dissertations – Scholarly papers are one of our editing specialties. We have academic editing clients across the nation and at local schools like University of the Pacific, California State University–Stanislaus, and California State University–Sacramento. 
  • Business proposals, white papers, marketing brochures, resumes, and cover letters – If you are a business professional (or a jobseeker) and need to ensure your documents are free of typos and grammatical errors, we have a team ready to work with you. 
  • Emails, letters, blogs – Every piece of writing receives the same treatment from our editors. It does not matter if your work is short or long, formal or informal, personal or professional. 

We also specialize in assisting writers whose primary language is not English. International clients count on us to maximize readability of their English writing. We hire editors who are native English speakers, so they are well-versed in refining copy from writers for whom English is a second language. 

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Skilled, experienced editors can elevate your work

From Pacific to Valley Oak, the 311,000 potential writers in Stockton can turn to us for a second set of eyes—that fresh perspective can make the difference between your writing being average and being exceptional. For each job, our editors tap into their deep educational backgrounds and apply their years of experience as writers, proofreaders, and copyeditors. We hire the top 0.3% of applicants and they can only begin work if they have passed a grueling series of editing tests.    

We take pride in delivering on our promise of quality. So, if you need academic editing, business proofreading, or some other editing service, count on to exceed your expectations.

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Can we interest you in a free sample of our service? 

To work with us, all you need to do is send us your document and tell us when you need it back. We can accommodate any deadline. If you are still not sure we are the right service for you, send us a sample of your work and let us have a chance to make it better. We will edit a 300-word selection from your document for free to show you the impact our editors can make. Click below to take advantage of this offer. 

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