How Can I Have Someone Proofread My Paper?

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When an audience reads a paper, even the smallest formatting problems and style mistakes can distract them from the value of the complete piece. This means that regardless of how innovative your ideas are, your paper will miss its mark if it contains inconsistencies and errors.

But you may wonder, “Who is best to proofread my paper?” As the writer of your paper, you’re not the best person for the job. Because you’re so familiar with the document, you’re likely to overlook errors and points of confusion.

You need a fresh set of eyes to proofread your paper, but peers and colleagues are often unavailable or unreliable. Even seasoned writers often struggle with the many grammar and style rules of the written English language.

At, our experts are highly trained and incredibly experienced in the practice of academic proofreading and editing. We’ve helped master’s and doctoral students around the world, from Edinburgh to El Paso, polish their papers through our proofreading services.

Let us help make your paper the best it can be. Submit your document, and our paper proofreaders will begin revisions within seconds.

Experienced Paper Proofreaders

When you submit your paper to, we can have it proofread, polished, and ready for you whenever you need it.

How do we do it? Our ability to turn around papers with speed and accuracy is largely thanks to the expertise and experience of our staff. The team at all had to pass through a rigorous testing process to be hired, and they work fast, with turnaround times ranging from three days to three hours, with even more options in between.

When our proofreaders receive a paper, they begin by revising for sentence structure, word choice, flow, logic, consistency, and more. Next, they check for spelling, grammar, typos, and other copy editing errors. Our proofreaders return your work to you with all changes marked.

Our process begins as soon as you submit your paper.

Why Choose Us?

Simply, is the top paper proofreading service in the world. We work with thousands of clients from a wide range of academic disciplines, and advanced degree students trust us to help ensure their papers meet the strict requirements of their institutions. Here are some examples of students and professors we’ve helped:

From polymer engineering to comparative literature, ACS style to Bluebook, we can help you achieve the academic recognition you deserve with fast, accurate paper proofreading.

We even provide paper proofreading for students whose first language is not English. We understand that when you’re more comfortable writing in German, Sinhala, or Gujarati, it can be difficult to get your thoughts across in an English academic paper. Simply contact us to learn more about how we can meet your unique needs, or see our FAQ for answers to questions other students have asked.

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