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No matter who you are in Northampton, the passionate proofreaders and editors at are dedicated to helping you make the most of your writing. Our proofreading experts have already aided everyone from PhD candidates composing dissertations on chemistry, to startup entrepreneurs pitching their new service through a white paper, to budding authors with their first mystery novel manuscript, so we’re confident that no matter what kind of editing needs you’re seeking, our proofreading team is right for you. We work hard on your document, removing grammatical errors, clarifying confusing sentences, and elevating word choice, so you don’t have to—instead, enjoy your time at Billing Aquadrome or Sywell Country Park! If you’re a writer in Northampton, our professional editors can’t wait to work with you.

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Can we deliver the editing services you’re looking for? 

Even without discussing your project with you, we’re confident our team will be able to accommodate your editing needs. That’s because we’ve worked hard to create a maximally diverse proofreading team consisting of talented editors from around the world. Our editors specialize in everything from academic editing, to business editing, to literary editing, and the additional knowledge they boast in supplementary subjects qualifies them all the more to professionally proofread your important document. 

  • Our editors have worked with scholars of all disciplines at the University of Northampton, helping them express their ideas and theories with precision and eloquence. When it comes to academic editing, we can handle papers in any subject, thanks to our diverse team of editors with expertise in various areas.
  • Our proofreaders know exactly how to help Northampton companies improve their business writing to emit a more professional image and draw in new customers – because they’ve already helped businesses from West Hunsbury to Billing do exactly that. If you’re looking for a professional proofreader for your business, our editing team is ready to help you make the most of your materials.
  • Our proofreading team works with speakers of all languages – not just English! Though we only work with English-language materials, you don’t have to be a native English speaker to benefit from our editing services. We’ve helped speakers of Korean, Polish, Punjab, and more gain more confidence in their English documents.
  • If you’re looking for general proofreading for any other type of writing, be it an important email or a personal letter, you can rely on our proofreading team. Our mission is to help anyone who requires editing services, regardless of what their proofreading needs are.

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Our proofreaders are extremely skilled.

If you’re looking for a team of professional, native English-speaking proofreaders to check over your document and improve your writing, you’re in the right place. Our editors are extremely skilled – a natural result of the abundant experience and expertise they’ve gathered over the years as editors, proofreaders, and writers. To ensure we only hire the highest-quality editing talent, we also subject all proofreading applicants to an extremely difficult series of editing tests, but our proofreaders have blown us away with their skills on these assessments. They represent the top 0.3% of applicants – the rest aren’t good enough to meet our standards. 

Ultimately, is the solution to the editing needs of Northampton’s 215,000 businesspeople, academics, novelists, and other writers spread out across the town. Our editors promise high-quality, accurate editing work to all who need it, regardless of the nature of their document. Tight deadlines aren’t an issue, either: We offer rapid turnarounds to make sure you can always meet your deadline.

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We want you to be as confident in our proofreaders as we are. To that end, we offer free proofreading samples of up to 300 words rendered within 24 hours. Simply send us your document, and if you’re satisfied with our work – we’re certain you will be – you’re welcome to place a paid order. 

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