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Discover the benefits of professional editing 

Thriving writers know they do not produce their best work alone. A skilled editor contributes greatly to a writer’s success. While catching grammatical errors and typos is important, an editor’s most critical support comes from recommending better word choices, advising on sentence structure, and adding clarity to confusing passages. A piece of writing that is reviewed thoroughly by a professional editor is immediately improved, and this improvement can help raise your profile at work, strengthen your reputation, and just give you more confidence as a writer.

If you are a writer living or working in Salt Lake City, can pair you with an editor who can deliver these benefits to you, no matter what kind of writing you do. Are you a scholarly writer? We have editors and proofreaders who specialize in academic editing. Are you a businessperson who writes proposals and plans for your company? Our business editors can enhance these documents and more. If you are a jobseeker with a freshly written resume, we have an editing team ready to serve you. 

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A skilled editing team that can handle any editing task 

We collaborate with writers all across Salt Lake City—from Temple Square to the Natural History Museum of Utah. Our editors employ a range of skills that enable them to edit any form of writing, from a simple email to a complex dissertation. Just look at the variety of projects we’ve taken on recently:  

  • Students and professors at University of Utah, Westminster College, and Western Governors University use our service to edit scholarly papers and research articles. One of our academic editors proofread a wide-ranging student thesis in just seven days.  
  • Our business editing team reviewed important proposals for SLC business owners. We support business and marketing professionals from Sugar House to East Central by editing and proofreading strategy documents, applications, guidebooks, and more. 
  • Our editors have worked with international writers for whom English is a second language. We maintain an international client list in the thousands because we are able to help their writing read as if it were written by a native English speaker. 
  • Our team also helped people by reading over emails and letters for typographical and grammatical errors. No job is too basic or too complex. 

Working with our editors is straightforward. You send your document to us and our editors take it from that point on. They will work within your timeline to deliver to you a thoroughly edited and proofread document. Their work is truly transformational. You will be sure to catch the attention of other writers in Utah’s biggest city.  

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Unsurpassed talent is the hallmark of our team

When we hire editors, we only select from the very best. Thousands apply for the rare openings on our editing team. We evaluate more than 300 applicants for every one that we hire. 

What do we look for in an editor? We look for native English speakers with years of professional experience as editors, proofreaders, and writers. We look for people with rich educational backgrounds so that, collectively, our team can edit writing on any subject. Each editor we hire must also pass a demanding test of their editing skills. These rigorous standards ensure we maintain a superb team. 

We feel we are the finest online editing service for the 200,000 students, business professionals, and other writers in Salt Lake City. We take pride in delivering swift, high-quality proofreading that can help writers meet aggressive deadlines. Our editors specialize in helping you express ideas clearly and concisely. If you could benefit from this kind of support, contact us today. 

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View our superb work firsthand

We want to make sure you understand the full benefit of our editing service. You don’t have to take our word for it—see the results for yourself. By clicking below, you can send us a 300-word sample that we will edit at no charge. If you are pleased with the work—and we are confident you will be—then you can place your paid order. 

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