Proofreading and Editing Services in Oakland

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Sharp editing improves your writing 

Writers in Oakland trust to deliver high-quality editing and proofreading for a limitless variety of jobs. An experienced editor can make substantial improvements in your writing by spotting typos, correcting grammar mistakes, and recommending stronger word choices. That is why writers from Jack London Square to Oakland Museum of California choose to work with our team. 

When you order service from us, we will assign an editor whose skills and experience perfectly match your job. All of our editors are native English speakers, so they understand the critical nuances of the English language. They have extensive backgrounds in writing, editing, and proofreading professions. So, no matter what kind of editing you need—academic proofreading, business editing, resume or CV review—we have the right editor for the job. 

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Our proofreaders keep your writing error-free 

You might question whether you really need a professional editor or proofreader. Do any of these scenarios apply to you? 

  • Are you a student who needs a thesis proofread in a week? We have performed academic editing for students at Holy Names University, Samuel Merritt University, and University of California-Berkeley as well as many others. 
  • Are you an Oakland businessperson who requires expert editing of a business proposal? Our business editing team has reviewed the work of professionals from Piedmont to Adams Point. 
  • Are you a writer whose primary language is not English? We work with international clients for whom English is a second language, helping them refine their English writing to ensure it reads effortlessly. 
  • Are you someone who just wants to make sure an important email is free of embarrassing errors? Our editors perform jobs of all sizes with the same level of precision and care. 

Even the best writers understand that a set of fresh eyes reviewing material is key to making it error-free and as strong as it can possibly be. Don’t shortchange your writing. Reach out to us today.

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Our team provides exceptional service

We hire the best editors in the industry. Our hiring standards are so rigorous that only one applicant in every 300 eventually earns a spot on our team. They all must pass a demanding set of editing skills tests before they can take on projects. By maintaining this exceptional team, we have positioned ourselves as the premier English online editing and proofreading service in Oakland.  

More than 429,000 writers in the region—students, professors, business owners, and more—have come to trust to edit and proofread their work. They know we provide high-quality editing in an efficient manner. We help them meet aggressive deadlines and improve the quality of their writing, which is exactly what you need from an online editing service. If you want to ensure your ideas and information are communicated thoughtfully and clearly, contact us today. 

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Ask to see a sample of our work

If you are still not convinced that we are the best editing option for you, allow us to prove it. We will send you a sample of our editors’ work at no charge. You can judge for yourself the impact our editors can have on a piece of writing. Click below for a free work sample. 

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