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Avoid the many pitfalls of writing

Every writer, at one time or another, has had to face the horror of a glaring mistake that slipped into publication. Whether it was an embarrassing typo, a confusing sentence, or something even worse, the result was likely wounded pride. If your confidence has been shaken by a careless error, can help you get your writing mojo back. Our editors give writers confidence that their writing is as clear and powerful as it can be.   

Working with Tucson writers from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to Mission San Xavier del Bac, our editors help writers do what is needed to reach their readers. Clean, compelling copy carries far more influence than copy riddled with errors and poor grammar. This is why you need a professional editor to review your work. It’s not an inconvenience; it’s an investment.

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Capitalize on our skills and knowledge

We have earned our reputation as a #1 provider of editing and proofreading service across the nation, including Old Pueblo. If you want to improve your writing and be confident it will achieve your goals, check out our array of services: 

  • Thesis proofreading for students. We perform academic editing for students, professors, and researchers at schools like University of Arizona and Arizona State University–Tempe. We have a wide range of turnaround times (including express service). 
  • Reviews of business proposals. Businesses all over Tucson—from Midvale Park to Adelanto—can benefit from our business editing service. We edit and proofread guides, handbooks, strategy documents, white papers, and even legal documents. 
  • English as a second language. For writers whose primary language is not English, we specialize in improving the readability of their English writing. All of our editors are native English speakers, and we have clients from all over the world. 
  • General proofreading. It doesn’t matter if you have a 100-page article or a one-page email, we will give each job the same degree of care and attention. 

If you are ready, email your document to us. We will assign an editor whose knowledge and experience align perfectly with your job. 

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Make the choice to improve your writing

We have taken great care in selecting the editors who work for us. We look for candidates who have excelled in writing, editing, and proofreading careers as well as those who have deep educational backgrounds. To evaluate top candidates’ skills, we run them through a battery of intense editing and proofreading skills tests. Only the best of the best rise to the top. Only one in every 330 applicants earns a spot on our select team. 

If you are one of the more than 545,000 people living in Tucson who would benefit from the work of a skilled editor, contact us right away. We can deliver swift, high-quality proofreading and thorough, on-time editing. By partnering with, you will be elevating your work to unseen heights. 

Ready? Let’s get started.  

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Sample our skills 

You might be hesitant if you have not worked with us before. That’s fine. We have something that might make you more comfortable—a free offer. Send us 300 words from your document and we will edit that sample for free. Do not wait another day to see how our editors can touch up your writing. 

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