Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles - FAQ

  1. What services do you offer for jobseekers?
    We offer services for jobseekers, including resume writing and rewriting, cover letter creation, LinkedIn profile writing and overhauling, follow-up letter templates, mock interviews with feedback, and career coaching. Explore our services for jobseekers.
  2. Why is resume writing important?

  3. Can you help me enter the job market as a recent graduate?
    Yes! We offer resume writing and rewriting services for people in all stages of their careers, from students, to mid-career professionals, to executive and senior managers. Find out more here.
  4. How many job applications do the resume writing and rewriting services cover?
    Each service is tailored toward one job application, but materials such as resumes and cover letters can often be recycled for multiple jobs with just a few changes.
  5. Do you offer revisions?
    Yes. You can purchase the opportunity for unlimited revisions for 30 days as an extra in addition to our main services.
  6. Can you help me clean up my online presence?
    We understand the important role a polished online presence plays in your job search. Our experienced team can create or overhaul your LinkedIn profile to position you as an ideal candidate and help you rank in search engines. Click here to get started.
  7. Do you write cover letters?
    Yes! With our cover letter writing service, we'll write you a stellar letter that you can even recycle with a few changes for future jobs.
  8. Do you write and rewrite CVs?
    Yes. We can create you a CV from scratch or optimize your existing CV to present you as a phenomenal candidate in your current job applications.
  9. What's the difference between a resume and a CV?
    A CV includes a person's entire job and academic history, including awards and publications. As such, it may span several pages. A resume, on the other hand, is a shorter document, generally no longer than a page, tailored to a specific job application. In the United States, employers will typically request a resume, whereas a CV is preferred in Europe. However, regional differences also exist within Europe regarding what information should be included on a CV, and the decision to include information such as age and marital status may depend on whether you will require a visa to relocate for the job in question. Context is key, and your job coach will help you determine the best information to include on your resume or CV.
  10. Do I need a resume or a CV?
    This depends on what type of job you're applying for and where. For academic jobs, a CV is generally preferable, whereas industry jobs often require a resume. Additionally, the requirement may change depending on the country in which you're applying for the job. If in doubt, check the job posting to see whether a preference is specified.
  11. How are American and European resumes different?
    American resumes are typically tailored to each job application, including only information relevant to that opportunity. European employers often prefer that applicants submit a CV, which is a longer document that normally contains details such as awards, language skills, etc. A European CV may also require the inclusion of a photo and other personal information such as age and marital status.
  12. Do I need a European or American resume?
    This depends on where the jobs you're applying for are located.
  13. Do you write LinkedIn profiles?
    Absolutely! We can overhaul your online presence by writing you a LinkedIn profile that will showcase your skills and work experience and maximize your chances of being recruited.
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