More Reviews of Our Resume Writing Packages

Our job success team has helped thousands of clients rewrite their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to land their dream jobs. Many clients have written to share their feedback. Their comments don't all fit on the main job success package page, so we added them below.

My resume was vastly improved by using your service, and I know I can rely on to deliver excellent work in a timely and professional manner.

The process was simple, and I trust the quality of the work. I really have no complaints!

The service looked way past simple grammatical errors and made excellent suggestions to enhance my resume. They formatted it perfectly.

I enjoyed the prompt turnaround time and courteous service. Most of all, I loved how my resume and cover letter turned out after they were returned to me. offered me peace of mind, knowing that my documents are the best they can be!

It is a fantastic service. It's very reliable, and the writing is just amazing. Use it for all job stuff!

Done quickly and accurately, and I felt that the writers went above and beyond with their helpful tips.

I love that not only is the text corrected, but there are also explanations. This is very important for me because I'm not a native English speaker. Thank you for your amazing service!

Very fast, pretty good price compared with other websites which ask 10 times the price. Highly professional and quality performance.

My resume was rewritten and returned to me in less than the expected time. The work was exceptional. I'm very pleased.

I found this service to be very efficient and professional, and the prices are good. I'm very happy working with because their work helps me complete all my application materials successfully.

I just want to express my gratitude for a job well done. This has been a great review. I am very impressed by the level of skill and dedication among your staff members. Thank you very much!

—Howard is a top-notch resume writing firm. Simply put, they do what they say, how and when you say you want it. The best!

Superbly talented resume writers who read between the lines to communicate what I wanted to convey.

This is an excellent company! Not only is the resume writing top notch, the customer service is some of the best I have encountered.

I think your service is well priced, the turnaround is excellent, and quality was excellent.

I would love to say thank you so much for your resume service. To be honest, I am very satisfied in terms of performance, quality, and cost. I am willing to use your service in the future and to recommend others to

Thank you very much for your great writing. It's wonderful! You are geniuses. I'm satisfied by your services, and I will retain your firm. I will also refer my friends. Many thanks to you.

Your team is precise. You checked everything and wrote comments which helped me understand why big changes were made. You will always be my first choice when applying to jobs.

I thought the services were excellent. They provided me the opportunity to apply to jobs with a well-crafted resume that was error free.

Fast turnaround time! The document was error-free, the website was easy to use, and I would use the service again.

—Kervins is exactly like the employee who always gets it right, the first time and every time, on time and reliable even during the most stressful and time-sensitive applications. Yes, that's it. Thanks for the absolutely great service. Appreciate it!

You all did a wonderful job! You really helped me capture everything I wanted to say in my resume in a clean and polished way. Well done!


Our experienced team can help you can achieve the same success in your job search. We'll rewrite and reformat your resume, write you a cover letter to present you as the best candidate for a position, and overhaul your online presence with a professional LinkedIn profile. Explore our job success packages today.