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Writers from all over Rhode Island, whether they’re students, businesspeople, authors, or anyone else with an important document, fret about their writing quality and the catastrophic effects silly grammatical mistakes or unclear wording could have on their endeavors. They need the careful eye of a professional proofreader to make sure their writing is in tip-top shape. Enter ProofreadingServices.com: our editors are the best in the industry, and we’re eager to serve the good people of Rhode Island, from the exquisite Breakers Mansion to the gorgeous stained-glass windows of the St. Anne’s Arts and Cultural Center. Regardless of your document and your unique requirements, our goal is the same: provide specially tailored editing services to help you succeed. All our clients are different, so just tell our editors what you’re looking for, and they’ll get right to work.

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How can you know if our editors can help you?

Do you have a document written in English that you’d like professional editors to proofread? If so, then we can help you. Our scope is huge—no matter what your field, industry, or discipline is, our expert proofreaders can help you make your writing the best it can be. We’ve worked with academics, professionals, novelists, and more all across Rhode Island, providing the individualized editing services each needs to flourish. We’re dedicated to helping everyone who needs proofreading services.  

  • Students, professors, and other scholars can take advantage of our academic editing services, available to those associated with the University of Rhode Island, Brown University, Rhode Island College, and other schools across the state and around the world. Since our editors boast additional expertise in various subjects, we promise we can provide a highly accurate edit, no matter what your discipline is. 
  • Business owners across Rhode Island should be aware of our top-notch business editing services, with which we’ve already assisted companies in Providence, Warwick, and beyond. We can help you with a business proposal, human resources document, corporate web copy, press release, and more—just tell us what you need.
  • No matter what language you speak, you can hire our expert proofreaders for their editing services. We only edit documents in English, but if your native language is Spanish, Portuguese, French, or anything else, we can help you communicate your ideas clearly and correctly in English. We’ll help you compete with native speakers.
  • There’s almost nothing we can’t edit. If you have an email, a letter, a blog post, or anything else, we can help you correct it so it reads smoothly and correctly, no matter what your goal is.

You’ve worked hard to write your document—let us take it from here.

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Our proofreaders are skilled beyond belief. 

We’re a team of native-speaking English proofreaders who’ve grown up around the globe in countries like Canada, Australia, the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Ireland. Our editors have worked in the proofreading, editing, and writing industries for years, honing their craft. But, most importantly, all our proofreaders have proven their expertise by passing the set of highly difficult editing tests all proofreading applicants must overcome. The bar is high—only 0.3% get through. That’s how we know our proofreading team is populated with true editing experts. 

Our expert editors are eager to help the 1,057,315 writers in Rhode Island, no matter what they need help with. Are you a student working on a thesis? Are you an entrepreneur looking to make your corporate blog posts shine? Are you a budding author working on your first manuscript? We can help all these people and more, so if you’re in Rhode Island and need the professional guidance of an expert proofreader, all you have to do is send your document to us. 

Make today the day you take the step toward better writing.

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See our work without paying a cent.

We offer free proofreading samples, so if you want to double-check our proofreading expertise before paying us for an order, just request a free sample below. Our editors never disappoint, so we’re certain you’ll be impressed by the quality of our work.

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