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Do you want your writing to truly shine, whether it’s a research article for a high-profile academic journal, a press release for your business’s new service, or a young adult novel manuscript you’ve composed? We at can help you. We’re proud to feature a team of true editorial experts with a wide range of experience in the proofreading industry. From the vibrant French Quarter to the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation, our proofreaders endeavor to help writers from all across Louisiana. Don’t let poor writing quality cost you your dream job, or a slot at your university of choice, or your reputation in your field. With the help of our professional editors, you can confidently submit your writing, knowing that it strongly and clearly conveys the message you want to send. We’d be happy to deeply edit your paper or simply check it over for typos—it’s up to you!

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Can our editors provide the proofreading services you need?

We’re proud to be one of the most diverse proofreading companies on the Internet. We collect talented editors from around the world who boast diverse experience and training in the editing and proofreading fields. That means we have specialized academic editors, business editors, literary editors, and more, and our proofreaders possess expertise in additional fields, making them ideal even for technical documents. So, we’re confident that no matter who you are in Louisiana, we have the right editor for your writing.

  • Whether you’re a student, prospective student, professor, or alum of Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge, the University of Louisiana–Lafayette, or Southeastern Louisiana University, our editors are here to offer the proofreading services you need to put forth your best work. If your paper doesn’t adequately convey your ideas, all your hard work will have been in vain—but our editors can help you by making sure your paper is clear, concise, and effective. 
  • We believe businesses all over Louisiana deserve to succeed, whether they’re in New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Our business proofreaders are experienced with an array of documents, from business proposals to corporate web copy, so whatever your business editing needs are, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.
  • Louisiana is famous for its Cajun culture and French Quarter, and indeed, to this day, a portion of the population still speaks French. If you’re a Louisiana French speaker—or if you speak any other language, for that matter—allow our team of editing professionals to help you express yourself clearly and effectively in English. 
  • We can help far more clients than just the above. No matter who you are, if you have an English document you’d like to have proofread, our team is here for you.

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How good is our team?

Frankly, our proofreaders are the top in the industry. We know because they’ve blown us away with their editing prowess by passing the extremely difficult editing tests we have all proofreading applicants take. Only 0.3% of candidates pass the tests, meaning our editors are truly the best of the best. They come from all over the English-speaking world and have worked as proofreaders and editors for years. In a word, our proofreaders are excellent.

If you’re part of the 4,659,978 people who call Louisiana home, our editors want you to know you can count on them to improve your writing in any situation, whether you’re in academia, business, or the literary world. Our goal is to help all Louisiana writers who want clear, succinct writing without grammatical mistakes. We’re also time management experts, so if you have a tight deadline, don’t fret—we offer turnaround options as short as three hours to make sure you always get your edited document back on time.

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We don’t want you to have any doubts when ordering our proofreading services. So, we’ve decided to offer free samples of up to 300 words. As long as you can wait 24 hours, feel free to request a free proofreading sample at the link below. 

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