Services for Proofreading and Editing in Tallahassee, Florida

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Does your writing need a touch-up?

Successful writers know a little extra help can go a long way. A small amount of fine-tuning by a professional editor may be all that is needed to take your writing to a new level. Whether you require academic editing, proofreading for business, copyediting for a literary work, or some other kind of editing, is prepared to work with Tallahassee writers from the Florida State Capitol to the Museum of Florida. This is just some of what we can do:

  • Thesis proofreading – Students rely on us for cost-effective help in polishing their theses and other academic papers. We have worked with students and professors at Florida State University, Florida A&M University, North Florida Community College, and many more schools across the country.
  • Business document editing – Whether your document is operational, strategic, or for marketing purposes, we have a team ready to review it. Professionals from all over Tallahassee—from Northeast Tallahassee to Midtown—trust our editors to add clarity to their documents. 
  • Reviewing ESL documents – If you speak Spanish, Italian, French, or some other language, we can help ensure your English documents are readable. We have a team that specializes in helping international writers for whom English is a second language.  
  • General proofreading and editing – If you just need an editor to review your letters, emails, essays, or articles for typos and grammatical errors, we are at your service. We take on jobs of all sizes.  

As the premier online editing service for English documents, we can solve any editing dilemma you might encounter. Our editors work swiftly but always maintain the highest standards for quality. 

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Editors who can elevate your work 

The hallmarks of effective writing—clean copy and powerful prose—can help raise your standing in your chosen field or area of study. You can only get this level of effectiveness by having a professional editor review your work. All writers can benefit from an editor’s fresh eyes reviewing their writing. 

A skilled editor does far more than spot typos. They can recommend changes that bring more clarity to your ideas, eliminate repetitive text that detracts from quality, and flag sentences that require more refinement. This applies to academic, literary, and professional writing. Whatever kind of writing you do, we can apply our skills and make your writing more effective.  

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What makes our editors special?

In order to provide excellence to our writing clients, we have to maintain a top-flight editing team. To do that, we evaluate hundreds of qualified applicants for open positions (we consider 300 applicants for every one editor we hire). We look for native English speakers who have years of experience in writing and editing careers. All editors must pass exhaustive assessments of their skills before they begin work. These rigid hiring standards ensure we hire only the best. 

When it comes to editing support, there is no better place than for the 193,500 students, faculty, marketers, and businesspeople in Tallahassee searching for help with their writing. We are committed to quality but can work swiftly to help you meet aggressive deadlines. If you need a second set of eyes on your work, we look forward to partnering with you.  

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An appealing free offer

We are so confident in our service that we are willing to offer you something before you even place your paid order. If you send us 300 words from your document, we will edit that sample for no charge, just so you can see how effective our editors are. Submit your sample by clicking below: 

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