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Are you looking for top-quality Sinhala translation services? Sinhala is your ticket to the promising market of Sri Lanka, and if you’re a Sinhala speaker, translation services are your key to the rest of the world. If you want to communicate your message clearly and effectively—whether to a Sri Lankan audience or the rest of the world—the Sinhala translation team at ProofreadingServices.com is here to assist.

Sri Lanka is one of only two South Asian countries to rank “high” on the human development index and boasts the second-highest per-capita GDP in the region, second to the Maldives. This budding nation offers significant potential to businesses, artists, and others aiming to expand into South Asia. It's a multilingual country, with a sizeable minority of Tamil speakers, but most of Sri Lanka speaks Sinhala—with 75% of the population speaking it as a native language—so Sinhala is the best way to reach Sri Lankans. That’s what our Sinhala translators are here for.

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True Skills Permeate Our Sinhala Translation Team

Though Sinhala, sometimes called Sinhalese, is an Indo-European language, it’s nothing like English. It’s significantly more grammatically complex, with high levels of inflection in nouns—in fact, nouns inflect for definiteness, case, and number, with two separate marking patterns based on animacy. With eight cases, this can get complex. Additionally, a unique feature of Sinhala is that it only explicitly marks indefiniteness, with the absence of marking indicating definiteness, although this distinction is only made in the singular, with no such marking in plurals.

Sinhala uses subject-object-verb word order, which contrasts with English’s subject-verb-object word order. Adjectives, determiners, and other modifiers, including relative clauses, come before the noun in Sinhala, and the language uses postpositions instead of the prepositions common in European languages. With no copula, Sinhala uses no verb in sentences expressing that something or someone is something—another feature difficult for European language speakers to get used to. Sinhala speakers also frequently omit the subject and even the object of sentences if they can be inferred, which can make Sinhala translation extremely tricky. But don’t worry—our Sinhala translators pay close attention to context and nuance to ensure they craft reliable, accurate translations that always fit your needs.

Sinhala Translations for Anyone

  • Companies. If you’re hoping to expand your operations to Sri Lanka, let our Sinhala translation team be your linguistic guide. Our passion is translating top-quality business materials—from business plans to promotional materials—to cater to a Sinhala-speaking customer base. We have a second passion, too: translating Sinhala-language business materials into English so Sri Lankan companies can expand.
  • Authors and writers. What artist doesn’t want to make their work available to more people? Our literary Sinhala translation experts are here to help with precisely that. Whether you’re a Sri Lankan author hoping to gain a fan following abroad or an international writer looking to spread your work in the Sri Lankan market, our Sinhala translation team can provide reliable, nuanced translations that faithfully match the original manuscript.
  • Students and researchers. Sharing academic findings is important. Operating on this belief, our academic Sinhala translators put forth their best effort when translating the dissertations, research papers, and more of Sri Lankan scholars hoping to publish their findings internationally. We also believe in facilitating research production, which is why our Sinhala translators are so committed to translating research surveys and questionnaires into easy-to-understand Sinhala.

From all over Sri Lanka—including Kandy, Galkissa, Trincomalee, Colombo, Jaffna, and Moratuwa—and all corners of the world, our Sinhala translation team stands proud, ready to help any clients with their Sinhala translation needs. With 24/7 availability, our services are remarkably accessible, and with turnaround time options as low as mere hours, you can trust our team even if you have an urgent deadline.

So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to discuss your Sinhala translation project or see a free quote, contact us today.

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