+30 Global Startup Conferences You Need to Know

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Entrepreneurs know that running a business is a never-ending learning experience. They also know it’s crucial to make connections and learn from the best—that’s why startup conferences are popular nowadays. In a startup conference, businesspeople learn from experts, meet potential partners, and even get inspiration to make their businesses flourish. These are some of the many ingredients that make a successful business, especially when paired with our services for startups. If you’re ready to grow your business at a conference, check out the list below.

The Big Squeeze

General focus: Belgian startups
Description: Belgium’s leading startup conference, where you can expect a massive gathering of the key players in the Belgian startup ecosystem and meet with the exact right people. Learn more.
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General focus: Thai startups
Description: A full day and evening of keynotes and panels by Thailand’s best startups, VCs, and investors. Learn more.


General focus: European startups
Description: An annual flagship event showcasing a selection of Europe’s hottest startups, where businesspeople come together to learn from some of the most successful European entrepreneurs of our time. Learn more.


General focus: Balkan startups
Description: PODIM was co-created by the most active stakeholders of the startup ecosystem from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia. Learn more.

TNW Conference

General focus: Tech startups
Description: TNW Conference is designed to give startups at all stages a unique opportunity to showcase their businesses to 15,000 decision makers, executives, and investors from the tech community. Learn more.

Latitude 59

General focus: Tech startups
Description: Latitude 59 is the flagship startup and tech event of the world’s first digital society. In its tenth year, Latitude 59 has developed into a great platform for innovators and startup entrepreneurs to meet investors and potential partners. Learn more.


General focus: Montenegro business/internet
Description: Spark.me is one of the most carefully curated business/internet conferences in Southeast Europe. The conference has been organized annually in the seaside resort of Budva, Montenegro, since 2013 as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Domain.ME, a private company in charge of Montenegro’s national internet domain, .ME. Learn more.


General focus: Tech startups
Description: The ultimate meeting point for tech founders, innovation executives, and investors to build partnerships and shape the future. Learn more.

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Lisbon Investment Summit

General focus: European startups
Description: Lisbon Investment Summit is Europe’s surprisingly informal and slightly unexpected startup conference, which brings together top investors, entrepreneurs, and executives from all over the world in a casual and straightforward setting. Learn more.

Startup Extreme

General focus: General startups
Description: Startup Extreme Conference is a knowledge-sharing event with talks, lectures, and seminars. Most importantly, attendees create buzz in hallways, in pitches on stage, and in closed-room discussions and meetings with their next partners. Learn more.

The Europas

General focus: European tech startups
Description: The Europas are the premier awards for Europe’s hottest tech startups. They consist of a fun and fascinating daytime conference as well as an evening awards ceremony, party, and after-party. Learn more.


General focus: General startups
Description: VivaTech helps dynamic startups engage with proven leaders to come up with business solutions that will change tomorrow’s business and society. Learn more.


General focus: European startups
Description: EdTechXEurope is the premier thought leader summit, bringing together executive-level investors, innovators, and industry influencers from European and international education companies. Learn more.


General focus: Indian startups
Description: UnPluggd is the only conference in India where attendees hear “straight from the heart” stories. The speakers are very well curated and open to talking about struggles/failures/successes and everything in between. Learn more.

Chatbot Summit

General focus: Chatbot startups
Description: Chatbot Summit is the world’s leading chatbot conference series, with a mission to connect the leading players of the newly formed chatbot economy. The latest summit hosted over 1,500 delegates, over 80 speakers, and dozens of startups in the field of chatbots, messaging, and AI. Learn more.
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Chatbot Summit Startup Boulevard

General focus: Chatbot startups
Description: Chatbot Startup Boulevard was designed to give startups a unique opportunity to demo and pitch their products to general Chatbot Summit attendees. Learn more.


General focus: General startups
Description: *ship connects the next generation of entrepreneurs with mentors worldwide. It brings together accelerators, growth startups, early-stage startups, investors, students, and other entrepreneurial-minded sailors out there. Learn more.


General focus: General Hong Kong startups
Description: RISE is produced by the team behind Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech conference. People from the world’s biggest companies and most exciting startups will come to Hong Kong to share their stories and experiences at RISE. Learn more.


General focus: General startups
Description: Startupfest has grown into a global gathering of the world’s best entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and mentors. It features world-class content, from back-of-napkin ideas to champagne-popping exits, across three days of keynotes, interactive how-to sessions, thought-provoking predictions, and a healthy dose of irreverence. Learn more.


General focus: Acceleration program leaders
Description: Designed for the managing directors, general managers, program managers, and community managers of acceleration programs across the globe, this day is all about connections through deep-diving content, interactive roundtable discussions, and a healthy dose of play. Learn more.


General focus: Early-stage startups
Description: PIRATE Summit is Europe’s largest invitation-only conference for early-stage startups, investors, and corporate executives. PIRATE Summit represents true grassroots entrepreneurship: authentic, crazy, and real. Learn more.

NEXT Conference

General focus: Technologies/digital products
Description: Two days, more than 1,300 digital minds, a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere: Join the conversation on how emerging technologies and digital products are shaping the world we live in—and explore what that implies for you and your business in NEXT. Learn more.
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Bits & Pretzels

General focus: General startups
Description: Bits & Pretzels is a three-day founders festival that connects 5,000 startup enthusiasts with speakers and table captains like the founders of Virgin, Airbnb, Evernote, and Zendesk. Learn more.

Oslo Innovation Week

General focus: General startups
Description: Oslo Innovation Week brings together speakers, experts, entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and innovators from around the globe and challenges them to solve problems, collaborate, and drive sustainable change. Learn more.

South Summit

General focus: General south entrepreneurs
Description: South Summit is the leading event from the south, connecting the most innovative entrepreneurs with the most important investors in the world and with corporations seeking to improve their global competitiveness through innovation. Learn more.


General focus: German startups
Description: StartupCon is Germany’s largest startup conference, a highly concentrated mecca for startups and innovators. Learn more.

Startup Launchpad

General focus: Asia’s hardware tradeshow
Description: Startup Launchpad is Asia’s largest hardware trade show that facilitates global distribution between startups and renowned online and offline retailers. It features a full-fledged conference program with more than 30 thought leaders covering topics from ideation to distribution and from emerging trends to new innovations of the future. Learn more.

The Business Show

General focus: Business exhibition
Description: The Business Show is a free business exhibition and offers a wealth of opportunity, advice, and information crucial for ongoing business growth within a challenging economy. Learn more.


General focus: Tech startups
Description: Slush brings together the leading actors of the global tech scene to Helsinki for something very special. Learn more.
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General focus: Baltic startups
Description: TechChill brings together startup teams, entrepreneurs, challengers, and curious minds from the Baltics and beyond. This year’s agenda will focus on the experiences and insights at the core of startup life, the human side of tech, with speakers that range from promising startups with passionate ideas to experienced entrepreneurs. Learn more.

Startup Olé

General focus: General startups
Description: Startup Olé brings together all the key players in the startup ecosystem, the ideal event to network and find opportunities to collaborate with the European Commission, accelerators, investors, corporates, public institutions, universities, talent, media, and, of course, startups. Learn more.


General focus: Tech startups
Description: Developers, startuppers, investors, executives, innovation leaders, marketers, and media come to infoShare to explore the world of technology. infoShare is where you can share your story and make your ideas happen. Learn more.

Startup Iceland

General focus: General startups
Description: Startup Iceland is the flagship conference for startup founders, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. The event combines TED-style talks, networking, and the opportunity for every participant to connect one on one in first-come, first-served mentoring sessions with all the speakers and mentors participating in the event. Learn more.

HEUREKA Conference

General focus: Digital startups
Description: The conference is a platform to connect all stakeholders of the digital economy with one another, including founders, startup enthusiasts, digital experts, investors, and media representatives. The program aims at sharing necessary knowledge of the key factors for sustainable success, particularly for early-stage startups. Learn more.

There’s no harm in attending a conference for your business, only valuable takeaways. Why not attend one and see for yourself? If you’re interested in growing your business, we also recommend checking out our many services for startups:
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