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All over Galway, from Eyre Square to the Spanish Arch, are talented writers composing academic journal articles, drafting business proposals, penning novel manuscripts, and more. What they need to take their writing to the next level is the aid of professional editors with the extensive experience necessary to help them enhance their writing. Enter our proofreading team can do just that for writers in Galway. We’re dedicated to helping students, business owners, novelists, and other writers succeed in their respective fields. While effective writing isn’t the only thing you need for success, it is a major component that can help you advance a long way, and that’s why our expert editors are on standby to help you improve your writing, no matter what it is.

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Who in Galway can our professional proofreaders help?

If you’re in Galway, our editors can help you—period. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you’ve written, or what your native language is. It doesn’t matter whether your text is a formal academic paper, an informal blog post, or a quirky comedy novel. All that matters is that it’s in English—the editors on our team are so diverse and possess such wide-ranging skills that they can accommodate just about any editing needs you may have. 

  • From the National University of Ireland Galway to Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway is brimming with talented scholars eager to share their knowledge with the world. Let our editors help! We’ll save your reputation from embarrassing typos or grammatical errors and help you express your novel ideas clearly and effectively. We’re excited to help you make a difference in your field.
  • Whether your business is in Galway City Centre or Kilronan, Inis Mor, you deserve the meticulous care of an expert business proofreader to help you polish your documents. From white papers to ad copy, our business editors help Galway businesses and professionals far and wide render their business writing more succinct and gripping.
  • Our proofreaders are here to serve everyone in Galway—whether their first language is English or not. Whether you speak German, Chinese, or Irish, you can count on our expert proofreaders to help you get your English document in shape and ready to compete with native speakers, whether you’re in academia, business, or anywhere else.
  • Our proofreading services aren’t limited to the above cases—let your imagination run free. We can proofread just about anything that’s in English, from emails, to reports, to blog posts, so if you require editing services, just contact our proofreading team.

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Rigorous editing tests ensure excellence on our editing team.

How do we ensure the editors on our team are truly the best? It’s quite simple. We have all proofreading applicants take a series of extremely rigorous editing tests, and those who pass may join our editing team. The tests don’t allow many through—only about one in every 300 editing candidates can meet our high standards of editing excellence. We hire proofreaders from Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and, of course, Ireland, as well as other English-speaking countries, and all our editors are extensively experienced in the editing, writing, and proofreading industries. That makes for a truly stellar editing team that can accommodate nearly any editing needs.

If you’re among the 80,000+ writers in Galway, get in touch with our proofreading team to improve your writing like never before. We work with professors, entrepreneurs, content creators, and other types of writers to tighten up their writing and help them achieve their goals. The content doesn’t matter, and neither does the deadline—we can always accommodate you. So, if you have an urgent deadline, just let us know—we’ll have your document ready on time. 

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