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Get Proofreading and Editing in 8 Hours

Do you want skilled editing and proofreading on the double? Are you under pressure to finish your project rapidly?’s 8-hour editing service is a resource you can rely on to help you improve your work without compromising your punctuality. As the best quick proofreading service available online, we understand that writing well and finishing projects on time can elevate your standing among your colleagues. Whether you’re searching for light proofreading or heavy copyediting, whether you need to enhance a dissertation or an advertisement, we can help you make your work stand out.

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What kinds of documents can we help you with?

There’s no question that getting your documents edited and returned within just 8 hours can be a game changer for your scholarly, business, or creative writing. Perhaps you’re wondering what kinds of documents we can edit and proofread for you.

  • Are you up against a short deadline to complete your essay or journal article? We can help you finish faster. We offer an assortment of services and turnaround times, from online editing in 48 hours to express online proofreading services in just 1 hour, so you can get the assistance you need to make your work exceptional.
  • Are you struggling to align your manuscript with the unending idiosyncrasies of a particular style guide? Those Chicago, AP, MLA, Harvard, and Bluebook style guides are like old friends to us, so rest assured we can help clean up your documents and get them ready to publish.
  • Are you a BasqueBengali, or Bosnian native speaker who could use a boost of confidence in the fluency of your English writing? No problem. Writers around the world who primarily speak other languages come to us to maximize the readability of their written English.
  • Are you pressed for time, and you just need to make some room in your schedule? Send us those documents you don’t have time to review. We’ll look them over and get them back to you as soon as you need them.

Just upload your document, select your turnaround time, and forget about it. We’ll get it done.

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We’re good at this.

Our native English-speaking editors are US, UK, Australian, Irish, and Canadian English gurus who have extensive experience with editing and proofreading. Only the elite–the top 0.3% of proofreading candidates–who apply to work with us are invited to join the team, and only after they’ve proven their mettle on a challenging sequence of proofreading and editing assessments. Our amazingly efficient editors are spectacular at what they do.

The bottom line? Whether you’re writing an ACS style chemistry article or an IEEE style engineering paper, our 8-hour proofreading and editing services can provide the helping hand your work needs to be stellar. Our combination of superior proofreading and rapid turnarounds makes it easier than ever to communicate concisely and competently without being late.

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If you’ve got a day, we can edit your first 300 words for free.

If seeing a short sample could help you decide whether to place a paid order, just click the following link to request a free sample and discover the difference our editing service can make. We return samples within 24 hours, but several shorter turnaround times are available for paid orders.

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