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Get Proofreading and Editing in 1 Hour

Are you looking for professional editing and proofreading services? Do you need your document edited immediately?, the leading fast English proofreading and editing service available online, offers a one-hour editing service precisely for people in your situation. We'll help elevate the quality of your work while ensuring that you meet your deadline. Writing quality is crucial in the academic and business worlds and can dramatically impact your reputation and status within your field. That’s why, no matter what your writing goal is, be it to publish an academic paper, to efficiently convey information in a business report, to land a job with a new resume, or simply to sound better with general copy editing, we can help.

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What exactly do we offer?

Given our editorial expertise, we’re confident that our one-hour proofreading service will enhance your academic, business, or creative text in time for you to meet your fast-approaching deadline. We’re here to support you.

  • Are you running out of time to meet the critical deadline for your report? Have no fear: We’ll ensure that you can submit it on time. Our range of flexible turnaround times offers you the expert online proofreading services you require within the timeframe you specify, be it 72 hours4 hours, or 1 hour.
  • Are you worried about how well you’ve adhered to your chosen style guide? Allow us to put your mind at ease. Whether you’re using APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, or another style, we’ll help make sure that your manuscript is appropriately formatted.
  • Is your mother tongue a language other than English, such as Danish or Icelandic? Composing texts in foreign languages is a challenge, but we’re here to provide support and help transform your text into native-sounding English. We’ve already done so for thousands of writers worldwide, from sunny Costa Rica to the bustling cities of China.
  • Do you simply require an expert eye to review your personal statement for typos and general grammar errors as fast as possible? No worries—that’s right up our alley.

Just hand your document off to us and relax—you’ll meet your deadline.

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What are our qualifications?

We’re a group of native English-speaking expert proofreaders and editors from America, the UK, Australia, and Canada. Our backgrounds in professional writing, editing, and proofreading give us the expertise needed to skillfully polish any type of writing. Every member of our talented and superbly speedy team has vanquished a rigorous series of proofreading and editing tests to land this position—something only one out of every 300 English proofreading applicants succeeds in doing.

The bottom line is that we’re the fastest editing service for your document, whether it’s an AP-style blog post or an MLA-style thesis, and we can deliver your professionally proofread documents within a mere hour. As experts, we’re well versed in providing high-quality editing under tight deadlines, so whenever you require rapid and skillful proofreading and editing, we’re here.

Why not get started with us right away?

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Have enough time for a free sample?

We happily offer free samples so that you can see for yourself exactly what we can do for you and your document. Free samples are returned within 24 hours, but paid orders have many more turnaround time options.

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Note: Our one-hour proofreading and editing service isn't available 24 hours a day. Please check here to see if it's available right now.