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Get Proofreading and Editing in 6 Hours

Are you in a hurry to finish your document? Are you searching for urgent, detailed editing and proofreading? is the number one online English proofreading and editing service for writers in a rush, and our 6-hour editing service might be just what you need to make your writing shine and finish it on time. Since your ability to write well plays a major role in the way you’re perceived by your colleagues, let us help you with your research paper, business plan, cover letter, or book chapter.

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But don’t think for a minute that our stupendous 6-hour proofreading service is limited to just a few types of documents. We can enhance almost any scholarly, vocational, or creative composition.

  • Are you looking for thesis or dissertation editing on a short deadline? Just let us know. We can provide online academic editing in 24 hours or express academic proofreading in 12 hours. We also offer many other turnaround times to choose from.
  • Are you looking for an experienced editor to help conform your manuscript to a specific style? We work with a wide range of writing and citation styles, including IEEE, APA, Chicago, MLA, and AMA, and we’ll help you iron out the kinks and be ready to publish.
  • Are you looking for an expert native English speaker who can help you be confident that your English document sounds fluent? Professors in Prague, novelists in New York, and business owners in Bangkok appreciate our quick, accurate service, and you can benefit from it too.
  • Are you looking for another set of eyes for your statement of purpose, someone who can spot subtle errors that might be lurking in your spelling and punctuation? Look no further! You’ve found the right fit!

Relax and let us handle your urgent editing—we do this for a living so you can publish confidently.

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How are we both reliable and fast?

Our highly qualified proofreaders and editors are native Irish, US, UK, Australian, and Canadian English speakers who have spent years writing, editing, and proofreading professionally. To be hired, editors are required to demonstrate their abilities on our intimidating proofreading and editing assessments. Only one in 300 candidates makes the cut. These high standards guarantee that our team is both exceptional and quick.

What more can we say? There’s simply no better proofreading service for your writing, whether you’re working on a law school paper in Bluebook style or a business advertisement in a style all your own. The 6-hour proofreading and editing service we offer combines superior proofreading with a rapid turnaround, enabling you to complete your projects expeditiously while getting your message across accurately and eloquently. Our team is ready to work with you—how can we help you today?

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If you have time, we can prepare a free proofreading sample for you.

Maybe you’d like to review a sample before ordering with us. Click the following link to submit a request for a free sample and discover the difference we can make in your writing. Our turnaround time for free samples is 24 hours, but paid orders can be completed much faster.

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