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Don’t settle for subpar writing quality.

Calling all Hawaiians: Don’t let subpar writing quality ruin your academic, professional, or literary endeavors! If you’re concerned about typos, grammatical errors, awkward and ambiguous wording, or structural issues in your doctoral thesis, corporate blog post, romance novel, or other important document, is here to help. We truly love Hawaii, from Pearl Harbor, to Waikiki Beach, to Diamond Head State Monument, but we think Hawaii’s beauty extends beyond its gorgeous landscape—it’s also found in the writing of its inhabitants. Clear, succinct, effective writing that smoothly conveys the intended message is a form of beauty not to be overlooked, as it can do wonders for your career or other endeavors. So, no matter what you need edited, you can count on our expert proofreaders to provide a top-notch edit.

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If you write in English, we can edit it.

The tenacious dedication of our editors to consistently deliver high-quality edits to clients all across Hawaii is something we’re proud of. In fact, as much as we adore Hawaii, our scope also extends far beyond it—we can edit just about anything for anyone in the US or even the world. Our editors work with scholars, businesspeople, creative writers, and others to help them make the most out of their writing. Our guarantee is to turn any piece of writing into a clear, flowing, effective text that gets your message across and helps you succeed. 

  • Do you study at the University of Hawaii–Manoa, Hawaii Pacific University, or the University of Hawaii–West Oahu? Students and faculty of such renowned Hawaiian schools deserve high-quality editing to accompany their groundbreaking ideas, and our editors are just the professionals to provide it. With background familiarity in a range of subjects, not even technical documents can trip up our proofreaders.
  • Do you run a company in Honolulu, Oahu, or anywhere else in Hawaii? We’re here to make sure your business communications run as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to strike a deal with a powerful business partner or attract a new demographic of customers to your business, clear and effective writing is the key. Our proofreaders boast a wealth of experience in business editing and know how to help you get results.
  • Is English your second language? Clear, smooth communication without grammatical errors can go a long way, and non-native English speakers are no doubt at an unfair disadvantage. But there’s a solution: our proofreading team. Whether your native language is Japanese, Tagalog, or Hawaiian, our editors will help you express yourself effectively in English.
  • Do you have an important email to send or another vital document that can’t afford to have typos? That’s what our editors are here for. It doesn’t matter what your document is—we can proofread it.

Just submit a proofreading order, and then go relax in the warm Hawaiian sun. We’ll take it from here.

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Our editors are passionate, driven, and unbelievably skilled.

Only the best 0.3% of editors are welcome on our proofreading team. That’s the percentage of editors who overcome our extremely arduous proofreading assessments, designed so that only the top editing professionals can pass. Our editors represent a wide range of English-speaking countries—the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and even South Africa—and therefore, we can provide 24/7 service with a wide selection of turnaround options. With vast experience and education in editing and proofreading, our editors stand out as foremost proofreading experts. 

The 1,420,491 academics, business owners, novelists, and other writers in Hawaii who would like the gentle guidance of a professional proofreader are in luck because the editors are ready to serve them. We’re passionate about helping Hawaiians improve their writing, whether they’re in the academic, business, or literary worlds. Everyone deserves high-quality writing by their deadline, and we stand ready to deliver that.

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If you’re cautious, you don’t want to pay for a proofreading order without seeing our work firsthand. That’s okay—we can arrange that. Just click below to request a free 300-word sample that we’ll return within 24 hours. 

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