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At, our editors work hard to ensure all North Carolinians have access to the top proofreading service on the Internet. We love North Carolina and all it has to offer, from the breathtaking views on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the beauty of the Biltmore Estate. But we know North Carolina offers more than beautiful landscapes and architecture—it’s also home to millions of great writers. That’s why we work so hard to provide top-quality proofreading services to North Carolinians. Typos and grammatical errors in your writing can cost you your reputation and valuable opportunities, so don’t take the chance—work with professional proofreaders today to ensure your writing is top-quality. 

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Our editors can satisfy your proofreading needs.

We don’t know what your individual proofreading needs are, but we’re confident our expert editors can satisfy them. Why? Because our team is phenomenally diverse. We have editors from all over the English-speaking world who specialize in editing different kinds of documents, from academia, to business, to literature. We have editors with additional expertise in all sorts of fields, such as psychology, political science, and chemistry. So, it doesn’t matter what your editing needs are—we’re confident we have the right editor for you. 

  • North Carolina is full of renowned universities and colleges like North Carolina State University–Raleigh, the University of North Carolina–Charlotte, and East Carolina University, and everyone at these institutes, from students to faculty, deserve an academic proofreading service they can rely on. We’re passionate about helping scholars communicate their groundbreaking ideas clearly and effectively. 
  • From Charlotte to Raleigh, if you run a business in the great state of North Carolina, we invite you to take advantage of our top-notch business editing services. Don’t underestimate the value of high-quality writing at your business—you can boost your reputation among your business peers and attract new customers with effectively worded texts. 
  • Whether they speak Spanish, Chinese, or French, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians don’t speak English as a native language. This makes it more difficult for them to take advantage of opportunities in academia and business, as they risk misrepresenting their own ideas. Our editors can help—we’ve already assisted non-native English speakers of all languages with expressing themselves clearly in English.
  • We can edit just about anything else for you, too. Our editors are incredibly diverse and simply want to help in any way they can. Send whatever document you’d like us to check, and we’ll get right to work on it.

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A skilled proofreading team you can trust.

Our team is comprised of the utmost proofreading experts from around the globe. We ensure only the best proofreaders join our team by having each editing applicant undergo a series of strict editing assessments that only 0.3% manage to pass. That way, you can rest assured that whenever you send your document to us for proofreading, it’ll be handled by a true editing professional. We’re all native speakers from countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, with extensive experience in editing and proofreading built up over the years. So, no matter what you need edited, we’re the proofreading service for you.

Our expert editors are ready to serve the 10,383,620 authors, professors, CEOs, and other writers in North Carolina who need a second pair of expert eyes checking over their work. We’ll eradicate your typos, clarify confusing sentences, and improve the word choice and flow to read more smoothly, helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. And we’ll do it all on time—we offer several different turnaround options, so just choose the one that works best for you.

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We offer editing samples for free! That way you can see exactly what you’re getting with us. All we need is 300 words and 24 hours, and we’ll return the edited document. Then, you can decide whether you’d like to pursue a paid order, but we’re already confident you will.

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