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As professional editors, proofreaders, and writers with years of experience, we at can confirm that writing is hard. It’s difficult to express yourself clearly and effectively and communicate your message in the intended manner, and typos can slip in easily. That’s why the most successful writers, whether in academia, business, literature, or elsewhere, rely on the expert guidance of professional proofreaders to polish their work. We boast an elite team of top-level editors ready to serve the people of Penang, no matter what they’re writing. From the exquisite Kek Lok Si Temple to the top of Penang Hill, our professional editors are prepared to help Penang writers eliminate typos and elevate their writing to help them reach new heights of success. We work with writers from all walks of life—our goal is to help as many people as possible.

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It requires top-level skill, boundless flexibility, and a strict adherence to deadlines to become the leading online proofreading service, but we’ve managed to do just that. With specialized proofreaders to aid academics, businesspeople, and novelists alike, our editing team is ready to help any writer in Penang who needs a second set of expert eyes. We also have editors with expertise in various fields, which means they can professionally proofread even technical documents.

  • From SEGi University and Colleges, to RCSI and UCD Malaysia Campus, to KDU Penang University College, there’s no shortage of high-quality post-secondary education institutes in Penang, and accordingly, the city is rife with bright scholars looking to disseminate their innovative ideas around the world. Our academic editors can help—from psychology theses to engineering journal articles, we have the right know-how to assist.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your company is in Seberang Perai or George Town—we believe all businesses in Penang deserve access to high-quality business editing services to help them flourish. Whether you’re composing a business proposal or an ad campaign, clear, concise writing is key, and our business proofreaders will help you achieve that.
  • Is Malay your native language? Even if you’re fluent in English, conveying all the right nuances is tricky, and your message may not read as smoothly as you’d like. We can help. Our editors work with writers around the world to produce flowing, native-like English writing. 
  • High-quality, clear writing is important in all sorts of areas of life, from emails to letters. No matter what you want proofread, our editors can handle it. 

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How have we built up this team of grade-A editors?

We have extremely high standards for our editing professionals. Speaking English as a native language is a must—this ensures our editors have the native-speaker intuition to make sure your document reads smoothly and naturally. Having an extensive background of editing, proofreading, and writing experience is also paramount. But most crucial is the series of editing assessments all our editing candidates must take. Any editor who can prove themselves in our grueling proofreading tests is welcome on our team. Only one out of every 300 candidates achieves this feat.

If you’re one of the 1,767,000 academicians, business leaders, poets, or other writers who reside in the great city of Penang, reach out to our proofreading team anytime you need high-quality editing services. Unwavering quality with on-time delivery is our guarantee for every order. So, whether you’re writing a PhD thesis, a business plan, or your first novel, our expert editors can help you improve your writing and blow away your target audience.

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We understand your document is important to you, and handing it off to proofreaders whose work you’ve never seen is intimidating. Don’t worry—you can check out our work for free first. If you request a free, no-obligation proofreading sample below, our editors will show you why you can trust them with your document. 

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