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We provide top-notch editing and proofreading services to Wisconsinites.

No matter where you are in Wisconsin, here at, we believe your writing is worthy of the best editing service on the web. Our highly experienced proofreaders work hard every day to professionally edit documents in the academic, business, literary, and other worlds, always with on-time delivery guaranteed. We’re particularly dedicated to clients from Wisconsin because we love all the beauty in the state, from the exquisite grounds of Taliesin to the blue waters of Devil’s Lake State Park. Beauty also comes in the form of writing, and our editors are passionate about ensuring as many Wisconsin writers as possible put forth high-quality beautiful work, whether they’re academics, businesspeople, or novelists. Make sure to earn the respect you deserve by partnering with a professional editor to improve your writing.

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One of the things that make us such a highly rated proofreading service is our flexibility. Whether you’re in Wisconsin or elsewhere, whether you write for scholarly, professional, creative, or personal reasons, and whether you need a light review to remove typos or a thorough edit to improve structure and flow, our team of editing professionals has the knowledge and expertise to help you. Better writing every time—that’s our promise to Wisconsinites.

  • Clarity and precision are crucial in academic writing. Already, our academic proofreaders have helped students at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh produce clear, concise papers on their innovative ideas and theories, helping them reach new levels of academic success. All Wisconsin scholars are welcome to take advantage of the expertise of our editors.
  • Clear communication is important for businesses across Wisconsin. Don’t lose customers because of silly typos—attract more with effectively worded advertisements! Businesses from Milwaukee to Madison can enjoy the benefits of our professional proofreading on their overall sales and revenue. 
  • In Wisconsin live large Spanish, Hmong, and German communities, among speakers of other languages. Here at, we serve writers of all native languages, helping them write effectively in English. No matter what your language is, we can help you communicate at the same level as a native English speaker.  
  • Would you like professional proofreading help with an important email or letter? For anything at all you’d like to have edited, contact our expert proofreading team!

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Are you looking for carefully vetted proofreading professionals who are committed to the highest level of editing quality? That’s what you’ll find on our team. Our expert editors are native English speakers from around the world who boast backgrounds of extensive editing, proofreading, and writing. Most importantly, however, all our professional proofreaders have passed the extremely difficult tests that are required of all editing candidates. Only one out of every 300 applicants can pass the assessments, so we firmly believe our editors are the best in the business. 

Wisconsinites, all 5,813,568 of them, are in luck—whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, author, or another type of writer, our expert editors are here to save your reputation from typos, grammatical errors, and ambiguous structures. Everyone in Wisconsin is free to take advantage of our editing prowess. Our expert proofreading services are fast, too, if you need them to be—just choose the turnaround time that works for you, and our editors guarantee to have your document edited on time. 

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We’d love to show you how skilled our proofreaders are by offering a free editing sample. It’s easy—just request a free sample below, send us your document, and we’ll send back 300 edited words within 24 hours. We can’t wait to impress you with our proofreading skills.

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