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Although began by offering English proofreading and editing, we grew to provide translation services for academics, businesses, authors, and other clients through our sister company, This means you can expect the same excellent service and quality work because you’re working with the same people. The two companies simply focus on their own expertise to deliver the best possible language services.

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Our experienced translation team offers translation of any language and any topic. translates and interprets everything, from journal articles to blog posts to full manuscripts, covering all languages, from Afrikaans to Spanish to Zulu.

Because and are part of the same family, you get the best of both worlds. The team at carefully polishes the accurate English work produced by to ensure that you receive the best service available.

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When you spend hours perfecting an English document, it only makes sense to translate your material so you can reach the 86% of the world that speaks other languages. Our translation services can help you collaborate with academic colleagues abroad, market your products in other regions, or increase sales of your novel worldwide.

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Unlike other translation services, has the full support of the experts at its sister company,, who offer editing and proofreading for translated documents. We will help ensure your translated Arabic management journal article, Indonesian marketing brochures, or Italian mystery novel sound great to native English speakers.

Easily reach a global audience.

We translate our own marketing documents into over 60 languages, from Urdu to Icelandic. We do this because the return on investment is high. Let us help you go global as well.

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Our translation rates are among the most affordable in the industry. To find out more about our competitive pricing, simply contact us for a quote.

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Any company can brag about the quality of its services. Instead of taking our word for it, hear what clients say below.

What our clients say about our translation expertise

Vittorio Moraschini, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, professor
Translation from Portuguese to English of 1,919 words about bisphosphonate therapy in dentistry

"I approached to translate my article on bisphosphonate therapy for dental implants from Brazilian Portuguese into English. Their translation team was able to navigate the complex scientific terminology in my material, creating an accurate and professionally edited English translation that was accepted for publication in PubMed. I feel confident that my research has been represented well in English, and I would recommend's academic translation services to my colleagues."

Dasha Rolina, UKAD
Translation of product information into Korean, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese and translation of website content into Swedish

" greatly simplified the translation process for my businesses. I needed to translate video scripts, web content, and product overviews, and my target languages ranged from Vietnamese, to Portuguese, to Swedish. Some of my material also contained technical terminology that required a translator with experience in eSports. Knowing that works with a team of human translators, all of whom are native speakers of the target language, rather than relying on software gave me peace of mind that my material was translated accurately."

Catherine S.
German to English translation and English editing of a 44,200-word romance novel

"Seeking to reach a wider international readership, I approached to translate my romance novel from the original German into English. My goal was to achieve a translation that captured the nuance of the material and stayed true to my authorial voice, and the translation and subsequent editing service did just that. I am super happy with the high quality of the German to English translation and with the efforts and helpful comments of my English editor. I would definitely recommend for literary translation!"

Damian Przybyla, Laka
Translation of a 1,259-word interview about engineering and architecture techniques from Polish to American English

"When seeking a Polish to English translator for an interview about engineering and architecture techniques, my main concern was whether the translation would remain true to the essence of the original interview. I chose to work with because they provide 100% human translation instead of relying on software, so I knew my material would be translated accurately by a native English speaker. I am pleased with the results and would absolutely recommend their business translation services."

Christian Engelke, University of Worcester, researcher
Translation from German to UK English of 14,545 words about the economics of horticulture

"Translation from was invaluable in helping me expose my academic work on retail horticulture, originally written in German, to a wider English-speaking audience and making it possible for me to submit my articles for publication in English journals. Their German to UK English translators were able to seamlessly translate terms from my field and stay true to my professional academic tone. I highly recommend for high-quality academic translation."

Anna Tsymbalist, Cybercube
Translation of amendments to a voiceover script from English into European Portuguese and Korean

"When I approached to translate my voiceover script, I needed translations that not only conveyed the information correctly in the target languages but also maintained the tone of the original script.'s translation team did exactly that, providing translated scripts that were as effective in European Portuguese and Korean as they had been in English. I would certainly recommend them to other businesses that require accurate translation."

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