Language Worldwide Users English to X Language X to English with Proofreading
Afrikaans (get quote) 17,200,000 English to Afrikaans (see example) Afrikaans to English
Albanian (get quote) 7,300,000 English to Albanian Albanian to English
Amharic 26,000,000 English to Amharic Amharic to English
Arabic 422,000,000 English to Arabic Arabic to English
Armenian 5,900,000 English to Armenian Armenian to English
Azerbaijani 15,300,000 English to Azerbaijani Azerbaijani to English
Basque 700,000 English to Basque Basque to English
Belarusian 7,800,000 English to Belarusian Belarusian to English
Bengali 189,000,000 English to Bengali Bengali to English
Bosnian 2,000,000 English to Bosnian Bosnian to English
Bulgarian 6,800,000 English to Bulgarian Bulgarian to English
Burmese 32,000,000 English to Burmese Burmese to English
Catalan 12,200,000 English to Catalan Catalan to English
Chinese (Simplified) 1,281,800,000 English to Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese to English
Chinese (Traditional) 50,000,000 English to Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese to English
Croatian 6,500,000 English to Croatian Croatian to English
Czech 13,200,000 English to Czech Czech to English
Danish 5,600,000 English to Danish Danish to English
Dinka 1,400,000 English to Dinka Dinka to English
Dutch 23,000,000 English to Dutch Dutch to English
Estonian 1,200,000 English to Estonian Estonian to English
Farsi 110,000,000 English to Farsi Farsi to English
Filipino 45,000,000 English to Filipino Filipino to English
Finnish 5,700,000 English to Finnish Finnish to English
Flemish 22,200,000 English to Flemish Flemish to English
French 229,600,000 English to French French to English
Galician 2,400,000 English to Galician Galician to English
Georgian 3,700,000 English to Georgian Georgian to English
German 129,500,000 English to German German to English
Greek 13,100,000 English to Greek Greek to English
Gujarati 46,900,000 English to Gujarati Gujarati to English
Haitian Creole 7,700,000 English to Haitian Creole Haitian Creole to English
Hebrew 5,200,000 English to Hebrew Hebrew to English
Hindi 381,400,000 English to Hindi Hindi to English
Hungarian 12,600,000 English to Hungarian Hungarian to English
Icelandic 300,000 English to Icelandic Icelandic to English
Indonesian 198,400,000 English to Indonesian Indonesian to English
Irish Gaelic 1,200,000 English to Irish Gaelic Irish Gaelic to English
Italian 66,500,000 English to Italian Italian to English
Jamaican Patois 3,000,000 English to Jamaican Patois Jamaican Patois English to English
Japanese 128,200,000 English to Japanese Japanese to English
Javanese 84,400,000 English to Javanese Javanese to English
Kannada 33,700,000 English to Kannada Kannada to English
Kazakh 12,800,000 English to Kazakh Kazakh to English
Khmer 17,400,000 English to Khmer Khmer to English
Kirundi 10,700,000 English to Kirundi Kirundi to English
Korean 77,200,000 English to Korean Korean to English
Kurdish 25,400,000 English to Kurdish Kurdish to English
Kurdish Kurmanji 15,000,000 English to Kurdish Kurmanji Kurdish Kurmanji to English
Kurdish Sorani 7,300,000 English to Kurdish Sorani Kurdish Sorani to English
Lao 4,100,000 English to Lao Lao to English
Latvian 2,100,000 English to Latvian Latvian to English
Lithuanian 3,100,000 English to Lithuanian Lithuanian to English
Luxembourgish 400,000 English to Luxembourgish Luxembourgish to English
Macedonian 1,600,000 English to Macedonian Macedonian to English
Malay 60,800,000 English to Malay Malay to English
Malayalam 37,000,000 English to Malayalam Malayalam to English
Maltese 500,000 English to Maltese Maltese to English
Marathi 74,800,000 English to Marathi Marathi to English
Moldovan 24,200,000 English to Moldovan Moldovan to English
Mongolian 6,000,000 English to Mongolian Mongolian to English
Nepali 24,100,000 English to Nepali Nepali to English
Norwegian 5,200,000 English to Norwegian Norwegian to English
Pashto 49,600,000 English to Pashto Pashto to English
Persian 110,000,000 English to Persian Persian to English
Polish 40,900,000 English to Polish Polish to English
Portuguese (Brazil) 229,900,000 English to Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese to English
Portuguese (Portugal) 10,800,000 English to Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal) to English
Punjabi 100,000,000 English to Punjabi Punjabi to English
Quechua 10,000,000 English to Quechua Quechua to English
Romanian 24,200,000 English to Romanian Romanian to English
Russian 266,900,000 English to Russian Russian to English
Samoan 400,000 English to Samoan Samoan to English
Serbian 8,500,000 English to Serbian Serbian to English
Shona 12,500,000 English to Shona Shona to English
Sinhala 16,200,000 English to Sinhala Sinhala to English
Slovak 6,800,000 English to Slovak Slovak to English
Slovene 2,100,000 English to Slovene Slovene to English
Somali 16,500,000 English to Somali Somali to English
Spanish 528,000,000 English to Spanish Spanish to English
Sudanese Arabic 28,900,000 English to Sudanese Arabic Sudanese Arabic to English
Swahili 98,300,000 English to Swahili Swahili to English
Swedish 12,400,000 English to Swedish Swedish to English
Swiss French 1,500,000 English to Swiss French Swiss French to English
Swiss German 5,700,000 English to Swiss German Swiss German to English
Swiss Italian 600,000 English to Swiss Italian Swiss Italian to English
Tagalog 45,000,000 English to Tagalog Tagalog to English
Tajik 7,900,000 English to Tajik Tajik to English
Tamil 76,000,000 English to Tamil Tamil to English
Telugu 75,000,000 English to Telugu Telugu to English
Thai 60,500,000 English to Thai Thai to English
Tibetan 8,000,000 English to Tibetan Tibetan to English
Tigrinya 7,900,000 English to Tigrinya Tigrinya to English
Turkish 71,500,000 English to Turkish Turkish to English
Ukrainian 40,000,000 English to Ukrainian Ukrainian to English
Urdu 163,100,000 English to Urdu Urdu to English
Vietnamese 68,100,000 English to Vietnamese Vietnamese to English
Welsh 600,000 English to Welsh Welsh to English
Zulu 27,500,000 English to Zulu Zulu to English