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Entrust your business plan to proficient proofreaders and editors.

When it comes to your business plan, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Here at, our team of highly skilled proofreaders and editors just happens to be the best, and our mission is to deliver high-quality editing for business plans, business proposals, corporate documents, manuals, and a wide range of other documents. More than 10,000 clients from across the business, academic, and creative worlds already trust our editing expertise, knowing that with us, they get clear, concise texts without grammatical mistakes.  Clear communication is one of the keys to success, and our proofreading experts work hard to help clients in various disciplines communicate effectively.

We’re highly experienced in editing business plans, but our expertise stretches far beyond that. If you want our editing team to proofread your sociology paper or romance novel, we’ll happily do that as well. Our incredibly flexible and diverse team can accommodate all sorts of editing clients, including those with urgent deadlines—whether you need your document back in 6 hours or 7 days, we always output the same high level of quality. We can also adjust our services to the level of detail you’re looking for—heavy editing and light proofreading are both available. The ultimate mission of our proofreading team is to help you succeed.

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Are we the right proofreading service for your business plan?

Don’t ask us—ask the droves of satisfied clients we’ve worked with over the years. They’ll assure you our talented proofreaders are ready to accommodate clients from all corners of the world—from Estonia to South Africa and from Winnipeg to Berlin—and from all industries and disciplines. Business plans? Research papers? Mystery novels? Screenplays? We can do it all and so much more, like the documents in the following examples:

  • Lisa from a university in Chicago with an APA-style meta-analysis
  • Mohamed from a research center in Saudi Arabia with a white paper on the higher education market
  • Rasim from the Netherlands with the release notes for a health and fitness app

If your deadline is rapidly approaching, you’ve come to the right editing service. We’ll edit your document in as little as 3 hours without compromising accuracy. Our turnaround times range from 3 hours to a week, so simply choose what works best for you. We’re also flexible in terms of file type: .doc, .docx, .pdf, and more are all acceptable. So, if you need professional editing for your document, whether it’s a business plan or something else, let our expert editors take care of it.

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Who makes up our proofreading team?

We’re an elite team of top proofreaders and editors from around the world. All the editors at are native English speakers who grew up in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or other English-speaking countries and who have years of editing expertise behind them. What’s more, we only hire proofreading applicants who can pass our stringent series of editing tests—only 1 in 300 can. This leaves us with an expert proofreading team with expansive knowledge of English, various subject matter, and style guides, such as Turabian or AP style. Our proofreaders keep an eye on the latest changes in style guides, so no matter what guide you use, we’re bound to have an editing expert who’s proficient in it.

All this makes us indisputably the best online proofreading service for your business plan. Whether you need US English, UK English, Canadian English, or another type of English, we’ll polish your business plan and make sure your ideas read loud and clear. If you have an urgent deadline, we’ll prioritize your document to get it done on time without ever faltering from the high level of editing quality we’re known for.

Quell your doubts with a free sample.

Not convinced yet? That’s okay. Let us show you how skilled our proofreaders are by offering a free sample. At no charge, we’ll edit a maximum of 300 words within 24 hours so you can see our stupendous editing skills for yourself.

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