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We’re the top online editing solution for catalogs.

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to proofreading your catalog. At, our elite team of experienced editors is eager to check over not only your catalog but all sorts of other content as well, such as manuals, marketing materials, and business documents. We’re extremely confident in our proofreaders’ abilities because they’ve already satisfied over 10,000 other clients by removing typos, correcting grammatical mistakes, improving flow and word choice, and fixing unclear sentence structures. To make the most of your catalog, you need clear, effective writing, and that’s precisely what our proofreading experts will help you achieve.

Catalogs aren’t all we edit. We’d be equally as thrilled to help you touch up your screenplay or history paper since our editing team is highly diverse. No matter what kind of document you send us, we apply a consistently high level of quality, even if you need it back urgently—say, within 3 hours. Our expert editors can meticulously pore over your text, providing a deep, detailed edit, or we can give it a light check to remove typos and grammar mistakes—it’s up to you. We’re dedicated to serving your unique editing needs.

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Superior catalog editing services anywhere, anytime.

If we weren’t a superb editing service, we wouldn’t have an abundance of pleased clients happy to testify to our editors’ skills. Our accuracy and commitment to quality, of course, are key factors in our success, but our clients also appreciate our flexibility and diversity. We work with clients from countries and cities around the world—from Hong Kong to Qatar and from Baltimore to Dublin. We work with clients in academia, business, literature, and more, and we can handle technical content in various fields. Here are just a few of our satisfied clients:

  • Quang from a leading university in Austria with a PDF of a computer science article written in LaTeX
  • Vjekoslav from Croatia with a marketing email to potential clients
  • Stefano from a hospital in New York City with a report on post-operative capnography monitoring

Don’t worry about time, either. Send your proofreading order at any hour of the day—we have editors from around the world and offer our services 24/7. If your deadline is urgent, choose a turnaround time of as few as 3 hours to ensure your document is done thoroughly, but quickly. If you have more time, we offer turnaround options of up to 7 days at accordingly lower rates. To submit your first proofreading order, just send us your .doc, .docx, or .pdf file, and our excellent editing team will get to work right away.

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We’re an elite team of passionate, experienced editors.

Here at, we’ve made it extremely difficult to earn a slot on our proofreading team. The grueling editing assessments that proofreading applicants must take only have a 0.3% pass rate. Our editorial experts have all grown up speaking English in countries like Canada, Ireland, Australia, the US, the UK, and New Zealand, and they boast vast experience in the editing, proofreading, and writing industries. What’s more, they’re deeply familiar with common style guides, including USAID and AMA style. That means you don’t have to worry about style guide adherence—if you need to follow a particular style, just let us know, and we’ll assign an editor with expertise in your style guide.

There’s only one possible conclusion: We’re the best editing solution on the web for your catalog. Informal or formal English, US or UK English, or anything else you desire—our proofreading team will tailor your edit to your specifications. If you have a looming deadline, just choose the appropriate turnaround option, and our team will make sure you receive a professionally edited document that conveys your ideas effectively while maintaining your individual voice before your deadline.

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We’d love to show you how great our proofreading team is before you place your first order. Let us put all your doubts to rest by editing up to 300 words for free within 24 hours. We’re confident you’ll be eager to place a paid order after you see our work.

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