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Looking for a reliable proofreading service that won’t break the bank?

You’ve found it! At, we provide high-quality, professional editing and proofreading services at affordable prices. We charge by the word count, so whether your document is a casual blog post or a technical research paper, the rate is the same. We do charge more for faster turnaround options, but we’ve worked hard to ensure fair, reasonable prices for all turnaround times. We edit everything from resumes to articles to emails, and we have tons of experience behind us, with more than 25,000 satisfied clients. Eliminating grammatical errors and clarifying ambiguous sentences are guaranteed to improve your work and make you more likely to succeed, no matter what your goal is. Our mission is to help you, at a reasonable price.

What do we edit? All kinds of documents! From business proposals to romance novels to research papers, if it’s written in English, we’d be delighted to proofread it. Our commitment to flexibility lets us offer numerous turnaround times, too, so whether you need your document back in 6 hours, 24 hours, or 7 days, our team will reliably return your professionally edited document by the time you specify. Light reviews or heavy copyediting—your editorial needs guide our service.

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How do you know we’re a good fit for your document?

Given our team’s flexibility and diversity, we can edit just about any English-language document we receive. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur, professor, student, novelist, or anything else—if you need cheap editing services, you can count on our proofreading team. We’ve satisfied thousands of clients from Indonesia to Oman and from Boston to Rome, and no matter where you are, we’d love to help you succeed in your endeavors as well. Look at these examples of satisfied proofreading clients from around the world:

  • Frederick from a leading university in California with a paper on energy consumption in large data centers
  • Trang from Vietnam with a screenplay for a short film
  • Freja from a food company in Denmark with a report on plant-based protein sources

Are you in a rush? That’s okay—we can work fast without compromising accuracy. We offer urgent turnaround times of 3, 6, and 12 hours to make sure you can meet any deadline you might have. If you’re willing to wait longer, try our other turnaround options, such as 48 or 72 hours, to save some money. In all cases, our rates are incredibly reasonable. Whether your document is in the .doc, .docx, or .pdf file format, if you want high-quality editing at a sensible price, send it our way.

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Professional editors at your service.

At, no one gets onto our elite proofreading team without phenomenal editing skills. How do we ensure this? Through strenuous editing tests that only 0.3% of applicants can pass. We hire professional editors from across the English-speaking world—Canada, New Zealand, the US, Australia, the UK, Ireland, and more—who have extensive experience as editorial professionals. This experience also ensures a deep knowledge of style guides such as APA style or OSCOLA style. Our proofreaders would be happy to edit your document in line with the requirements of any major style guide.

When it comes to editing and proofreading, the team is simply the best. We’re highly experienced professionals who can deliver high-quality edits on time, no matter what turnaround time you choose. We’re extremely flexible, able to edit your document using scientific English, academic English, business English, casual English, or anything else. We’re cost-efficient, offering affordable rates for all our turnaround options. With us, you’ll get reliable, accurate proofreading at a low price and delivered on time.

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If you’re a careful spender, you might like to verify our editing skills before paying for an order. No problem! Just request a no-obligation free sample below to see how skilled we are. We’re certain you’ll love our work.

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