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Clear, effective writing that’s free of grammatical errors is important in the business world to convey information to employees, negotiate with business partners, and attract new customers. The value of high-quality corporate writing cannot be understated. That’s why 10,000+ proofreading clients, including countless business leaders and entrepreneurs, have entrusted their documents to the professional editors at ProofreadingServices.com. Our team is comprised of experienced editing professionals who know how to make the most of your corporate documents. We’re here to help you and your company succeed.

Corporate documents constitute one of the largest subsections of editing documents we work with, including business plans, internal memos, and corporate blog posts. However, a proofreading team as skilled and diverse as ours can proofread and edit a wide range of documents, from PPT files to linguistics papers. We can do it all on time, too, whether you request a turnaround of 3 hours or 24 hours. Light proofreading or heavy content editing—our editing style is also up to you, so just let our professional editors know what kind of proofreading you prefer. We’re committed to tailoring our editing services to meet your unique needs.

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We’re the ideal proofreading service for your corporate documents.

Among the thousands of satisfied clients we’ve won over, many are businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who require thorough proofreading of various corporate documents. With an unwavering dedication to quality and accuracy, we provide top-notch editing services to all clients, whether corporate, academic, or literary, from around the world, spanning as far as countries like Malta and Costa Rica. We’ve edited business proposals for business leaders in El Paso and research papers for PhD students in Warsaw, among many others. For example, these are some of our clients:

Need your edited document back pronto? No problem—we can work with turnaround times as short as 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours. For corporate documents that can wait a bit longer, feel free to select a longer turnaround, such as 72 hours, for a lower price. We’re excited to edit your corporate document in the .doc, .docx, or .pdf file format, so when you’re ready to eradicate typos and elevate the level of your writing, just submit a proofreading order. Our editing professionals can’t wait to edit, proofread, and format your corporate document.

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Hand-picked editing professionals from around the world.

The ProofreadingServices.com team is comprised of top-level editing professionals. How can we be sure? We administer a number of incredibly challenging proofreading tests to editing candidates and hire only those who pass them. With a pass rate of merely 0.3%, these tests do an excellent job of vetting proofreading applicants. Additionally, our editors call English-speaking countries like the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia home and have amassed substantial proofreading and editing experience over the years. This experience has included developing an intimate familiarity with style guides, such as AP style or Turabian. Our editorial professionals keep tabs on style guide changes to make sure they can guarantee ongoing style guide adherence in your corporate and other documents.

If you want high-quality corporate proofreading, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Given our experience, expertise, skills, and flexibility, we can confidently say our team is the best. Tell us what kind of English you prefer—U.S. English, U.K. English, or perhaps another dialect? We’ll maintain your company’s voice and style as we work to tighten your writing by eliminating grammar mistakes, demystifying vague sentences, and polishing clumsy wording.

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Don’t dive in if you’re not sure—let us dispel any doubts by offering a free sample! If you have 24 hours to wait, send your document our way and let our proofreading team edit up to 300 words. We’re sure the results will blow you away.

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